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    Offline Welshevo8

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    anyone seen this girl?

    Was just going to put a post up.  Trying to arrange a booking tonight and had found this beauty who I had not seen before Roxy91.

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    Message her and got a quick response...send a few messages and then book a meeting for tonight.  As soon as booking made she said her sister had just popped in so would have to cancel but suggested her friend - Jess Only 18.

    Not my cup of tea though.  I wondered whether it was a scam, could be genuine but the speed of which she suggested her friend as soon as booking made makes me doubt it...

    Not having much luck....!

    Offline Welshevo8

    I want to book her but don't if its a scam

    That roxy reckoned she lived in Dowlais.... Jess is obviously working tonight but I think I'd be a little wary.

    Offline Welshevo8

    just spoke to just and yes she said she lives in dowlais

    Offline jawill

    There is no way on earth she is 18!!! I think she gave away her real age in her profile which should read "30 year old but fucks like an 18 year old" not the other way round!!

    The orange peel arse was a giveaway

    I've seen her, very good oral skills

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