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Author Topic: Has she been your Angel Delight?  (Read 2701 times)

OK, anyone been whipped up into a frenzy by this lady, or were you left rather deflated?

https://www.adultwork.com/2430513 or https://www.adultwork.com/MRS%5FANGEL%5FDELIGHT

Offline Uniformad

May be a scammer search on here via her adultwork I'd, I was just looking yesterday but the info I found made this a no no

May be a scammer search on here via her adultwork I'd, I was just looking yesterday but the info I found made this a no no

Good tip re: searching on AW ID. Indeed there are some doubts over her authenticity voiced from other part of the UK. I did search by name, but for some reason nothing came up. Perhaps I was being too precise in my search!


Offline shengfan

She appears every few weeks on AW and remains on for a few days, always North East too so more than likely genuine?
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Offline greychap

Not sure if she is genuine or if she is she needs help :wacko:

Her profile says come and rough me up,
wants real hard slaps on her face and choke her
pull her hair til it bleeds
hit her brutally
shit on her face and urinate on it

I know some woman like it a little rough but this is going too far in my opinion she is basically saying come and beat the shit out of me anything goes, she might as well invite Hannibal lecter over or Freddie kruger ???

She is obviously a fruit loop or some kind of scam going on.
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Offline jarrovian

Feedback hidden always a bad sign

Offline greychap

Feedback hidden always a bad sign

Did not look that far when I saw she wants to be beaten black and blue that was enough for me. Nut job or some scam on the go... has to be.
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I'm fairly sure it's a scam. She was on aw last year and the year before. Both times I tried to contact her on the given number a few times and it always went to answerphone no matter what time of day or night I called.

I was just getting a little excited by her profile as it appears she has just "moved" to my area. If her profile said she was in her 20s I could said bullshit straight away but a 43 being a filth monger like that is more believable. I emailed her to find out what part of town she takes her incalls from and got an automated response with this in it:

I am a dirty cunt and I have heard everything so please don't be shy, ring me and we can discuss in further detail. And to put that in perspective, I even had a phone call where the guy said:

"I have a really wet, smelly shit brewing from a curry I ate last night, so can I come and shit it all over your face and in your mouth"

.....and I didn't flinch or call him any dirty names, so please feel free to chat with me about anything you fancy doing in a booking.

After reading that I did a little search on UKP and found this relatively recent thread.

Don't know weather she suggesting she is up for that kind oft thing but it put me off. Never seen anything like that in an auto response before. Usually it's just "I'm busy will reply when I have time". Definitely a private gallery scammer.

Offline huss

Waste of time I think,tried phoning a few times the last few days and no answer.
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