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Author Topic: Edinburgh quickie tomorrow - advice please  (Read 1569 times)

Alright folks,

Looking for some advice please from those in the know about a wee punt in Edinburgh tomorrow.

There's a few options I have (the whole of adultwork basically!) But the real frontrunners are (all for incall)



Had quite a bit of communication with her and she seems really lovely, even to the point that she's trying to get hold of some kinky pvcwear for me (although she won't have it for tmrw tho.) Can only stretch to £50 for a quickie with her as her half hourly rate is £80. I could wait til next week to see her in the pvc but at the moment I'm gagging on it and her chat is making me want to go for it ASAP.



Saw her about a year and a half ago and she's great looking with a great body. I maybe got her on a bad day tho as I was only in there for about ten mins of a half hour punt when I'd shot my bolt and was politely shown the door. £60 for a half hour or 50 for a quickie.



Looks great but not much feedback.  £60 for a half hour or 50 for a quickie.

Should I give in and get some action tmrw or should I wait til next week when ill probably have some more cash and could maybe see someone else. Must admit Jamie is doing it just now as her chat is lovely and I suspect that she may well be dirty as well.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



I should probably add that I really only get the chance to indulge myself once every year or two, so I'd really like to get this right.

Thanks all.


Offline Scoobs

Haven't seen any of them so I can't really offer any advice on your choice of girl.

What I would say though is that you're better leaving it until next week so that you can get your shit together and hopefully see your girl in the gear that you want.

Nothing wrong with rubbing one out to tide you over until next week  :D

Cheers for the advice scoobs. Jamie has been back in touch to say that she's managed to get a wee loan of a pvc dress from somewhere so may need to go for it.

Must admit tho have also been in touch with Rebecca x and she sounds totally rockin'. More than I can really stretch to but she's amazing.  You had the pleasure?

Offline Mackieboy68

Hey man, let us know how ya get on. Amelia is on my list as she looks a wee stunner so any feedback mucho appreciated.

Rebecca really does rock tho and def worth the money.

Jamie in a PVC dress sounds hot tho but not got the body of Rebecca or  Amelia from her pics.
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Will do mate. They're all tidy to be honest. I agree Jamie doesn't look to have the tight  :scare:body of the others but she may make up for it in other ways........hopefully!

Just wish I had the chance to see them all but I'm afraid one is my limit and I need to get it right.

Offline Mackieboy68

LOL - life is full of decisions........good luck with it all!!!!!
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CHeers man. You been lucky enough to see Rebecca?

Offline Mackieboy68

Yeah I have and she is prob the best I have seen. Tall, sexy, fantastic arse, best cocksucker ive ever had.  All in all a top top birda and I would recomend her every time.

Whose top of your list at the moment then?
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Well due to financial constraints its Jamie for a £50 quickie. It's a little further away than Rebeccas place but not really a problem.

If I had 80quid in my wallet Rebecca would be getting a call as she looks amazing and herplace is handy and I can leave my bike there pretty safely.

All down to how much cash I can withdraw without someone else noticing.

It's a toughie.

Sorry for the slow reply but I'm using my phone. Think the smileys are causing a problem.

Can't seem to get R :vomit:ebeccas likes list up on my phone mate. Can you tell me if she's a good kisser, dfk etc please?

Offline Mackieboy68

Yeah she is a fab kisser, tongues and all you woukld want.
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Thanks for the info mate.  You've got mail.

Offline pilgrim

Found this thread and have checked the three AW links that are now non existent. Does anyone have any recommendations for Edinburgh AW or parlours. Im after slim to medium build, up to mid thrities age and doing CIM and kissing. not bothered about hair colour or nationalities, just quality of service and no heavyweights. Thanks.

p.s. Anyone know where Bridget, Tamzin or Louise are now that they have left the Edin branch of escortsscotland. PM me if you want. Thanks again

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