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Author Topic: Australian Goddess  (Read 632 times)

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Offline Nyquist


Haven't punted for a while now, so decided to meet Australian Goddess based on some of her earlier reviews on here and also because she was located quite centrally. Emailed her on AW and sorted out a time to meet for 1/2 hour. I phoned her for exact location when I reached the station - was given good directions but found her accent EE rather than Australian (although it was quite noisy outside).
I reached her basement flat which was a bit ordinary and not really discreet in my opinion. She was reasonably attractive (7/10) but would not class her as 'drop dead gorgeous' or a 'stunner' as some of the other reviews described her. She has a good body (size 12) with a nice round bum, although she could have made a bit of an effort with the attire. Its only when I spoke to her face to face , could I tell for certain that she did not have an australian accent- either she was born in Australia and has lived abroad for a long time or she is a recently naturalised Aussie.
I did get a frosty welcome from her and she seemed to want the money straight away (nothing wrong with that, its just that most non EE prossies Ive seen have always let me freshen up before sorting out the paperwork).
The service was OK, she did everything I asked but kissing was light (no DFK) , oral was covered (which is OK with me but her profile states OWO) and she was really quiet during the whole session. Sex was good especially when pounding her in doggie during which I came in the condom. I finished at the 30 min mark , dressed up and left. She did mention that she had recently arrived in London (late last year) and was touring around Europe before but didn't bother asking her where she was really from.
Ive given a Neutral review as the service was Ok and she was a reasonably attractive woman but definitely not a born and bred Aussie which is what I had come for (as they are so rare to find these days). There are definitely others who are more expensive and far worse but I would not go back as she didn't really do it for me and she is pretending to be an Aussie when is clearly not.

7 review(s) found for Australian_Goddess linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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