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Author Topic: BlondiesXxX/Mia Starrs + their dog, London NW3 – The Mother of all Punts.  (Read 2581 times)

14 review(s) for BlondiesXxX (12 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
8 review(s) for MIA STARS (7 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline west8


Mia Starrs

In the third part of his Les Contes des quatre saisons cycle, Éric Rohmer produced his magnum opus: Conte d'été. The protagonist, Gaspard, faces a dilemma which has confronted us all: looks, attitude or personality. Yes, we’d like all three in an ideal world, which is in great part why we punt – to meet exotic women and to enjoy carnal experiences with those women. Some beautiful of face and others beautiful of heart. But in truth there is a more fundamental reason that we punt: to feel good about ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we have steak or the finest prosciutto at home, there is always going to be a rampant desire to sample a beef burger or a bacon sandwich on occasion. It’s the constant desire to enjoy, immerse and engage with the opposite sex – ideally naked and (even more ideally) with a woman who is genuinely bisexual … and wants her partner to join in!

A threesome with a genuinely lesbian/bisexual blonde, green eyed duo who crave cock more than they appear to need oxygen has to be at the top list of any punting Bucket List, right? I’d read the other reviews, looked at the pictures of both girls and read as much into their profiles as possible. But nothing – nothing – can prepare any man for what these girls do to you when they get you naked.

Strange as it may sound, I didn’t go to meet Mia and Michelle with the intention of getting my kit off. Typically, greed got the better of me that evening and I finished a session with another Hungarian hottie (Lovely Amira93 – review to follow) less than an hour before the meeting with Blondies. I was so drained by that 21 year old blonde sex kitten that I briefly considered cancelling Blondies as I wasn’t convinced there was a realistic chance of a third/fourth+ pop so soon. How wrong I would be …

After a Ronin-style high speed dash from Amira’s pad in Wapping to Swiss Cottage, NW3 we couldn’t find the fucking address. The numbering system on Finchley Road is ambiguous at best and it took the driver several U-turns to find their nondescript property. For general reference: close to the junction with Arkwright Road. The sizeable, comfortable and warm studio flat is on the ground floor and I was pleasantly surprised. There is a tiny shower cabin in one corner, a kitchenette and most importantly a giant bed. The girls thoughtfully leave the front door ajar shortly before the allotted appointment time to avoid the need to ‘ring’. You can just enter and gently tap their door.

Upon arrival I was offered refreshments and the girls started playing almost immediately – before I had even undressed! It was clear from the off that this was going to be a special event as the chemistry between the two of them was apparent immediately. They were passionately kissing one another and literally ripping each other’s clothing from their respective bodies as though lives depended on it.

After about 90 seconds as a passive observer, I stripped faster than a Shawshank Redemption inmate and rushed into the shower – as Mia and Michelle seemed totally oblivious to anything other than each other. In a very good way! Freshly showered, I dived onto the bed and the next hour was a total fucking blur. I pretty much disappeared into a parallel universe as the girls ravaged me every which way.
For those that care about the details:

I’d guess Mia is a dress size 6/8, 34B-24-34 and approximately 5’9”. Michelle a dress size 12/14, 36C-24-38 and approximately 5’6”.

Both girls are likely smokers, but I (as a non-smoker) did not detect even the faintest whiff of tobacco – either in their studio or on the girls themselves.

The dog has a basket in their modest shower room, so those with a phobia of all things canine need not be unduly concerned.

The Good:

Mia and Michelle are both Hungarian. They are both blonde. They are both genuinely warm and friendly human beings. Together they are the single best Service Provider(s) I have ever met. They are affectionate, debaucherous, filthy, intoxicating, intense and ravenous. Occasionally simultaneously!

Plus, they have a dog.

Speaking of dogs, the pictures left me on the fence somewhat. Other reviewers have mentioned that the girls are no oil paintings, but I disagree. Yes, it’s true that Mia is probably a 6/6.5 and Michelle a 6.5/7, but these girls have something that kills any ‘looker’ stone dead: personality. In bucketloads. That, combined with a voracious sexual appetite and a perceptible, almost magnetic attraction to one another, makes for absolute dynamite. Welcome to Punting nirvana gentlemen.

Here are the highlights:

Mia and Michelle eating each other out;
Mia and Michelle using my cock as a lollipop;
Mia and Michelle taking a ball each;
Mia and Michelle using my cock as a dildo;
Mia slapping Michelle’s face with my bone-hard cock.
Michelle slapping Mia’s face with my (even more) bone-hard cock.
Three-way DFK with Mia and Michelle;
DFK Mia whilst being deep throated by Michelle;
DFK Michelle whilst being deep throated by Mia;
Watching Mia bring Michelle to a shuddering climax whilst my cock was half way down Michelle’s throat;
Watching Michelle bring Mia to a shuddering climax whilst my cock was half way down Mia’s throat;
Cowgirl, Doggie, Mish, Spoons – trying harder than I have ever tried in my life to save my load for the girls;
CIM with Michelle (pop #1);
CIM with Mia (pop #2).

Pop #2 was of an intensity the like of which I have never, ever experienced. It was out of this world and I could barely move afterwards. Then Mia tried to say something before realising she still had a warm load in her mouth and it all came out garbled. Michelle was laughing uncontrollably.

Of the two, Michelle is the best kisser. She is super full-on and if she doesn’t adore it, she left me convinced. She smelt great, tasted great and knows how to use her tongue to great effect. Mia gives insanely DT oral. She simply doesn’t stop and gobbles away until you tell her to stop. Others have mentioned that she is perhaps a little too overenthusiastic in her OWO, but I disagree. She exerted just the right amount of pressure when gagging on my pole and I think she may well be one of the finest practitioners of Cock Calisthenics I have ever encountered.

The Bad: N/A

The Ugly: N/A

Final words

The thing that even now makes me honestly believe these girls cannot be surpassed as a duo is their total focus on you, the paying punter, whilst making sure they never for a moment lose sight of the reason you are there: to observe two females devour one another whilst also devouring you. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and do not expect to do so with such a degree of intensity ever again. Kechiche captured some of what you can expect in his mesmerising La vie d'Adèle. Think of Adèle Exarchopoulos as Mia and Léa Seydoux as Michelle and you get the general idea of the dynamic at play.

As mentioned above, the connection between these two girls is palpable from the off and not simply superficial bullshit like many supposed ‘bisexual duos’. You don’t need to read their complementary ‘Saints & Sinners’ tattoos to realise that Mia and Michelle are kindred souls. What you pay for when you meet them is nothing like any other punt. Yes, you are paying for sex and yes you are paying for sexual satisfaction. But with these two girls you pay for something more fundamental: a glimpse into a relationship which has a special, unique dynamic. They clearly adore and trust each other enough to realise that whatever they may experience in life will be a positive experience. Simply because they experience it together. Fluffy, yes. But It’s the only way I can articulate in words what I experienced.

Moreover, at no time did I feel anything other than the centre of their joint attention. How they managed that whilst making sure I was also permitted to enter their world and experience their deep affection for one another is hard to explain. To me, it speaks volumes about extraordinary service provision. Not for a moment did I feel anything other than included and after the second and final pop, it took me a good 5 minutes to physically be able to stand up. I was absolutely shattered and totally drained. I was also on a punting high which I can only compare to an Ecstasy-fuelled night at Club Labrynth in darkest Dalston at the height of the rave scene circa 1993! Those of you who experienced that momentous era will know how 14 hours can seem like 10 minutes. It’s the only way I can really compare the ‘high’ of my brief time spent in the world of Mia and Michelle.

I was so pumped after the experience that I decided to get wasted with friends. Only this evening, after waking up from 13 hours of sleep, do I feel the pain in my loins and the satisfaction in my bollocks.

That, Dear Reader, is the sign of an epic punt.

PALS Rating Scale (0-40) + Value (0-10)

P - Personality
A - Attitude
L - Looks
S - Service

BlondiesXxXYou decide.
Michelle Independent - 9/10/9/10/10  - 48
Stunning Julie - 9/9/9/10/10  - 47
Anna-Marie - 8/9/10/10/10  - 47
Khloe Sexy Girl - 9/8/10/9.5/10  - 46.5
Emily Crème Brulee - 9.5/10/9/10/8 – 46.5
Hot Teen Fuck - 9/9.5/10/9.5/8 - 46
Dee - 9/10/8/10/9 - 46
Anna-Marie - 9/9/9/9/10  - 46
Maggie21 - 9/10/7/10/9 - 45
Brazilian Mel - 10/9/9.5/8/7 - 43.5
Adele4U - 9/9/7/10/8 - 43
Sweet & Kinky Nicole - 8/8/10/6.5/10 - 42.5
Vanessa$ - 9/9/8/9/7 - 42
Lola Bell - 9/9/6/9/9 - 42
Brooklyn Blue - 9/9/9/7/7 - 41
Girlfriend Dior - 8/7/7/9/8 - 39
_SweetMONIQUE_ - 0/0/0/1/0  - 1
SexyPorsha (on the subs bench)

All-time Hall of Fame

Pandora - 10/10/10/9/8 – 47
Sylvia - 8/10/10/9/10 - 47
Nicole Foxxx - 10/10/9/9/8 - 46
Chantel - 10/8/9/9/8 - 44
Jessica - 8/9/10/9/6 - 42

14 review(s) found for BlondiesXxX linked to in above post (12 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)
8 review(s) found for MIA STARS linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Hi W8

These two came to the attention of the forum a couple of years back by the legendary Panel999
and current legend Cisco.

I gave up reading after the first few lines but at least you had a good punt.


« Last Edit: February 08, 2015, 09:12:50 PM by Hornydevil247 »

Offline Goofy85

Despite them leaving me hanging after a two hour journey for my planned third meet with them, both previous punts with these two are still the best punts I've ever had.

Offline west8

Hi W8

These two came to the attention of the forum a couple of years back by the legendary Panel999
and current legend Cisco.

I gave up reading after the first few lines but at least you had a good punt.


In the preamble, I should have gratefully acknowledged the brilliant reviews by jcdmj12 - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=25212.0

After reading about his three encounters I couldn't resist. It took four attempts this week as they are popular, but it was well worth the wait.

Despite them leaving me hanging after a two hour journey for my planned third meet with them, both previous punts with these two are still the best punts I've ever had.

As I wrote on another thread, your experience really put me off these two and I thought for some time about whether to risk trekking to see them. It was only after Mia informed me they were moving closer to Zone 1 a few days ago that I thought 'Fuck it' and went for it. On reflection, I'm glad I did. For the same reason, I'm going to give SweetMonique another try this week. I despise having my time wasted through a cancellation, even though I only travelled a fraction of the two hours you did Goofy. Therefore I can totally empathise with your comments. More so as you had already met them twice! All I can say is that you know they might just be worth a third try. You know why ...  ;)

As for them messing punters around, it seems they have had a LOT of issues with no shows - even from guys with good feedback on AW. Apparently many book, then call them to ask about service - before asking stupid questions about rug-munching, etc.

At the end of the day, they are here because the Hungarian economy is fucked. For 160 notes, I view this as the best money I have ever spent on any punt.

Offline lurker

Can anyone offer suggestions or experience on how best to contact them?  I tried email but no response. 

Also, I am wondering if their no show rate decreases with more notice?  Or are they more likely to show up if you contact them for a same day punt?


Offline lurker

And, in case they flake, anyone have a good suggestion for a plan B in the same area?

Thanks again,

Offline Cabbots

£160 for one hour, £350 for two hours.... how does that compute?!  :unknown:

Have sent three emails to them so far this week, no reply as yet  :dash:

Offline SamLP

Both profiles have a number displayed. Phone up and make a booking. It's fast and easy.

Online me_iz007

Hi.  Saw them few days ago. Excellent punt. Dont email,  try calling and send a txt stating the times you want to meet and when they are free they will respond.  I tried for 3 days. Those 3 days they did answer but times wernt to good for me.  Enjoy

i saw them today,great service,review to follow when i have recovered :wacko:

Offline Cabbots

Hi.  Saw them few days ago. Excellent punt. Dont email,  try calling and send a txt stating the times you want to meet and when they are free they will respond.  I tried for 3 days. Those 3 days they did answer but times wernt to good for me.  Enjoy

Advice taken many thanks!

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