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Author Topic: Missing person alert  (Read 1524 times)

Online Bengeo13

Please forgive me if I've missed this elsewhere in the forum but Grace from Diamonds appears to have gone from their rota, and I don't recall signing off a holiday request form!
I've seen her fairly recently and I recall she told me about some plans to travel but I didn't take much notice at the time, can anyone explain her awl?
She's not exactly divided opinion but she's certainly attracted differing viewpoints. In my experiences with her (and there have been several) I'm  aware she can blow hot and cold, but when she's up for it, or in the mood, she can be dynamite.
She is also a very, very fit lady indeed.
If she's gone then good luck to her!

I noticed a few girls on the Diamonds calender have disappeared but all of them haven't worked a shift for some time.
As far as Grace is concerned I'm sure she disappeared off the rota when she went to the USA in October so I wouldn't worry just yet.

Agree Bengeo..when she's hot she is HOT!!

Offline Girl Pleaser

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Offline Blackhawk

I noticed she had gone too. Interestingly the agency she was working for in Leeds does not seem to be around anymore (probably explaining why she had worked a number of times for Diamonds in recent weeks)- I wonder if she has moved to another agency elsewhere possibly London? Top girl IMO and a shame if she is permanently off the NE scene.

Offline chinatoon

Grace seems to be back on the rota and working today. So happy days :dance: :yahoo:

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