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Author Topic: Sienna Sunshine - Northampton  (Read 1095 times)

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so after joining adultwork and this site, I couldn't bring myself to actually phone someone and offer them cash for sex

then I  celebrated my birthday with no willing sexual partner, and opened my wallet and the site. (In Call)



Good deepthroat, no objection to a CIM. After the first squirt I pulled out and painted her face, she just reached for her bag to get wipes to wipe it off, no negative reaction despite this not being discussed.
No clockwatching, she was with me for roughly 1 hour and 40 on a 1 hour booking. She was happy to stay as long as we were having sexual fun, and when she left it felt like the natural time to do so.
She has WhatsApp, which she contacted me on after I called to say she was nearby, and she replied when I wanted to speak with her generally this afternoon.
Smooth and soft skin.


Wasn't shaven, so I didn't enjoy going down on her as much as I'd like, despite her profile saying "shaven mostly". Will ask future WGs to shave before our appointment
Likes to talk to much, asked me why I need a WG and don't get girls the traditional way, told me why she was a WG, etc.
Maybe some guys are into a full blown convo during sex, in which case, she's Your girl
Nothing special about her performance, I expected a WG to provide better sex than the girls I have had free sex with.

General question about punting. I've read reviews where punters say they've discussed exact services in person before exchanging money, is this normal, and/or recommended?

1 review(s) found for SunshineSiSi linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Jerboa

Amazing not getting laid makes you book a hooker, did she have stretch marks? As she's only just had a sprog.

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