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Author Topic: Mimi - Peachy Escort Agency  (Read 993 times)

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Offline j4247


Booked recently as a plan b. 1 hour incall at £150. Also available via other agencies.

Alarm bells were ringing for me before I even arrived for this punt. She has a few negative reviews on the agency sites which can never be a good thing! Also she never seems to appear in the 'recommended' or 'top 10' section of any agency website.

Like the fool that I am though, I proceeded partly due to the fact I'm a sucker for a perfect pair of big perky tits and partly due to the fact my tastes are very vanilla so I hoped I would 'get away with it'!

Arrived on time at a well known block near south kensington tube station and door was opened by a smiling Mimi. Stunning body and very pretty face. She seemed in a good mood -so far so good.

Had a chat and she told me shes 21 from Moldova. Also no OWO or DFK - although kissing without tongues is fine. Not a problem for me as I do OW only and DFK doesnt do much for me unless I'm really into someone anyway.

Decent OW lasted 10 minutes, then I asked her to go on top. Great view of her perfect tits. Quite possibly the best rack I've ever seen. Think 34D is about right and very perky. All natural too. On a very slim size 6/8 figure too. Pictures are accurate with regard to body and face to be fair. Swapped to mish and then doggy. She seemed to be enjoying herself, whilst I certainly was - and thinking what a good choice I'd made.

Then things started to go wrong! I'd warned her at the start I'm not going to be popping more than once so we can take our time. By this time I'd had 10 mins of oral and maybe 20 minutes of energetic fucking. She starts to get tired and her mood is changing.

I was hoping for another maybe 5 minutes of action as we still had 20 minutes left but decided it best to finish soon. Didnt take long looking at that lovely body and heres where it gets really odd. Was chatting whilst slowly getting dressed and she started to come out with some bizarre statements.

It took me so long to pop as I kept varying the pace - errr hello love that was intentional.

She never leaves the flat except to get food or to go home once every few months

Something about she could make me cum in 5 minutes flat with oral even if i didnt want to - again I doubt that, but why bring it up!

It got fairly awkward at this point and I just wanted to get out of there. Shame as 5 minutes previously I had been considering a repeat visit. I was just putting my shoes on and about to go and it sounded like she said something about having another client in 5 minutes. Thats despite me still having 10-15 mins of my allotted hour left!

Absolute fruitcakes most of these prossies!!!  :wacko:

Might be worth a go for a half hour if your tastes are vanilla and you want a play with possibly the most perfect boobs in London!

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