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Author Topic: Amyfantastic of Mussleburgh  (Read 1483 times)

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Offline DG

Not to drag this on but I didn't ask the op to pm me I pm'd him. I wanted to clarify if it was the same address due to her saying she had just moved in and she obviously lied to him.

Fair comment, I noticed that when I re-read your post afterwards. I think me and DK flogged this to death, but the point was about revealing what was discussed in the PM rather than who messaged who first.
Banning reason: White-knight

Can see the point of the pm remaining private over the exact address of an incall but not because the incall was stinking of heroin, that goes against the ethos of what this forum is supposed to be about. The op should have just said what the smell was instead of making an ambiguous comment about an identified smell....obviously people will want to know more.  Why on earth a punter would want this kept from other punters is beyond me.
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Offline Marmalade

While I don't think it was 'wrong' I felt more concerned about the revealing of the prossie's actual address. What for instance would be the feeling about someone suspected of drug use but who gave good service? Outing by posting the address would seem wrong. Unless a punter has been ripped off, or there was other criminal activity that specifically harmed others then where do you draw the line. Just the fact that someone uses drugs is a moral bias.

Offline Marmalade

Regarding PMs I have a simple policy. If I trust the person I am PMing with the information, that is my responsibility. If I don't,  I feel under no obligation to provide it. I generally ignore one-liner lurkers asking for info and so on. PMing assumes a degree of trust or friendship. If you don't have that, put it on the open forum or keep it to yourself I reckon.

Just the fact that someone uses drugs is a moral bias.
Maybe in some cases, but we're not talking about a lil weed here, heroin users are notoriously sketchy, you only have to look at what they do to their own family members to see how a random punter might fare, you do have a much higher chance of being robbed or worse and that's before we get to the STI side of things, again the risk is way higher amongst heroin users.

Less moral bias more statistical fact.

It seems odd to me that it's accepted that a punter can pass comment about an untidy flat etc. but mentioning the flat smells of heroin is somehow taboo.
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Offline Marmalade

Not at all. Any details are fine. It's giving the exact address that is normally taboo, as in one of the reviews for tthe prossie in question.

Punters have the discretion to avoid drug users like they avoid barebackers. It is a preference though not a logical one in most cases since you should be practicing safe sex correctly anyway (on the assumption that you don't know who she's been with).

I agree the difference between a bit of weed and someone using crack or shooting up heroin is enormous but what about a prossie that snorts a line of coke.  I know I'm splitting hairs, but posting an address invades someone else's privacy: complaining about someone revealing a PM is about a person's inability to protect their own.
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I think the term 'drug users' is a bit too general to be useful, as that can apply to anything from Aspirin to Ice.  But, getting back to heroin users, a condom will only protect you so far & statistical you have more chance of catching something compared to a prozzie who doesn't use heroin, again thats before we get to the comparative probability of being robbed or worse.

As for the prozzie taking a line of coke, it depends on the context, if coke is her thing and she does it in her own time that's one thing, if she is snorting lines, off her face, glassy eyed and talking crazy during my incall that's another thing.

Some people can handle drugs while others get handled by drugs.  There are not many who can handle heroin.
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Offline Marmalade

Nice to know you are such an expert on heroin.  :rolleyes:

It was a bigger problem in Glasgow that has always had pernicious and ineffective policies from a misguided moral high ground. Edinburgh on the other hand promoted the legal needle exchange program, drastically reducing hiv transmission. Statistics are statistics, nothing more. Unless you're an expert on how to use them it's a bit childish to ram them down someone else's throat. But as admin allowed the address that's the decision and I respect admin's judgement  on it. I don't particularly accept scaremongering. Punters should be grown up enough to be discriminating. I'm happy to see punters helping the police with information when a punter has been harmed, as in the case of robbery; less so with potential and putative harm. 'Patronising' comes to mind. But mountains, molehills. Carry on posting if it makes you happy.

Offline Marmalade

So how was your Edinburgh experience, Skirtlift, after availing yourself of the advice on here? With "over 200 punts" under your belt maybe you could share with a review...

I've not been yet Marmalade, I'm generally very busy with very little free time, but it will happen so, thanks for your concern for my mongering.

Glad to see we have descended to the 'I can think think of an appropriate counter point so I'l cop out with the ol you haven't made as many reviews as me so what your saying somehow has less value' logic  :wackogirl:

While I haven't made any reviews, many of the reviews that have been made on here are almost useless & I've commented on some of those, so you see there are other ways to contribute without formally 'making a review'.

Nice to know you are such an expert on heroin.  :rolleyes:
Where did I say I was an expert on heroin?  You making things up again Marmalade?

Sounds to me though you have your head up your arse when it comes to junkies.

Statistics are statistics,
Very profound.

Unless you're an expert on how to use them it's a bit childish to ram them down someone else's throat
You don't have to be an expert to know your arse from your elbow, statistics give us probability, we can use probability to asses what is safe or safer.  Don't know where your getting the ramming stuff down throats from?

Here is an example,

You need someone to house sit for you, there are only 2 candidates to choose from, one is a university student from a good family and no criminal record the other is a heroin junkie.

Which of the two candidates are most likely to look after your home without any drama?

Do we need to be an statistician to make the right choice?

Now thats been cleared up let's get back on topic: incall flat stinking of heroin which some members feels should be kept secret as heroin users are safe as houses....they just get  bad press!
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Offline Marmalade

Well I think I've got the cut of your jib skirtlifter so I'll leave you to it. Good luck on any punt you undertake.  :hi:

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