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You guys don't know how lucky you are punting in London. I work and live in the so called Britain's 2nd and 3rd cities and the quantity of quality prossies is dire. Last night and today spent a fair few hours trying to arrange a punt. Tried Sarah British but no reply, Ameera day off, Spicy Julia no answer. I'd resigned myself to a couple of hours in Horns before my train home but last roll of the dice and Sophie A was free for an hour incall.

Location: got to East Algate with an hour to kill, and sussed her place out ( I was wrong) then decided to pop into the Nags Head for some pre punt stripper fun. I'd guessed wrong about the block so my recce mission was bollocks. Her place is quite difficult to find and Sophie verbally guided me to the correct block within a courtyard complex. Felt safe and discrete.

Sophie A: as per the pics. Greeted by Sophie wearing a tiny silk (?) dressing gown and nothing else and got a glimse of her smallish but (no problem for me) well formed tit. Must admit she has a cracking body on her, mega tight without an ounce of fat on her. The Western diet has a lot to answer for.  Her skin is blemish free and her hair is glossy jet black (shaved downstairs). She smelt good enough to eat. Young she said she was 22 and I have no reason to doubt it. Handed over the cash into the shower back into the bedroom.  Washroom facilities all ok and got a fresh towel compared to another punter.

Services: she slipped off her silky number and I was beckoned to the bed for some light FK. She is no Lily 'snog your face off type'. Proceeded to head south via her tits then to her pussy. First class hygiene and a lovely looking labia that for me had the right level of protusion. Spent a fair bit of time down there - fuckin lovely. She is not a screamer, a quiet moaner. I inserted a digit while lapping her which she allowed but not sure if she entirely cmfortable with this action.

Sophie then asked if would like some oral and was given the option for OW or OWO and took the latter. Her technique is quite soft a bit like her kissing. Again don't expect spitting and DT gurgling/pucking etc. Next stop was on with the Mac and cowgirl. Had to move to mish quickly so I could control the 'pop rush'. Sophie suggested Doggie. Fantastic view, beats  the Grand Canyon hands down. Watching my cock going in and out of her pussy was getting too much so i introduced some delay tactics in the form of withdrawing then rimming her ass hole, back to pussy, then rim etc. got say her ring is fucking georgeous. Even with slim girls they sometimes have stretch marks on theircarse or top of thighs, no sign of this with Sophie.

Enquired about anal but was refused on the basis of size which leads me to suggest that there might be breach of Advertising Standards Authority rules - I'm at best average if I cheat with the ruler.

Time to finish, so enquired about options and went for facial with Sophie wanking me off. Quite intense but it was a close proximity chin facial rather than full on job as reported by Sarah British customers.

Because of the execellent reviews on UKP I got exactly what I expected, so a positive for me. If you want full on racaous action then you will be disappointed.

PS I did get the wet wipe treatment some punters have referred to. She was wiping my pre cum off as I was getting 'excited'. Some bods have described her as cool/aloof/distant etc. I think it is more a case of her being a bit introverted.

11 review(s) found for Sophie A. linked to in above post (7 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

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