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Author Topic: Laura/Linda/Lorney-Agency escort (Abella, Admirals, Diva, Barracuda, Abby69,etc)  (Read 1301 times)

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Offline Jason

Escort name: Laura (alias names: Linda, Lorney)
Website: http://www.abellaescorts.com/gallery/laura/383
Agency Phone: 07770911111
Time of Visit: Afternoon, Type of Visit: Incall (Edgware Road, NW1)
Time Spent: 1hr, Fee Paid: £150

Laura/Linda/Lorney is a type A agency girl as this is defined in the PuntingWiki page here. I will be referring to her as Laura as this is by far her most commonly used name and also the name used on the agency from where I booked her. I was in two minds whether I should mark this review as positive or neutral - I ultimately decided to mark it as a positive as my experience with her was very good and I will go back. The neutral would be for accuracy of the pics. Anyway for me the rating in the heading is just semantics. Read the review and decide by yourselves whether this escort is for you.

ABOUT THE VENUE: (mostly positive)
A large block of blocks in NW1, 3mins walking distance from Edward Road tube station (Hammersmith and City line exit). Each block has its own entrance, you press the right letter on the intercom of the block and the girl buzzes you in. The road is fairly quiet and the entrance quite discreet. Inside the block there is a small old lift but I chose to take the stairs (the flat is not on the first floor but nonetheless the stairs were not too many for me). The flat itself is a one bedroom flat and as far as clients are concerned it consists of a corridor and an ensuite double bedroom. The bedroom is small (like 11-12sq metres) but nonetheless clean and tidy with a comfortable bed – it is well furnished so the available space is not much but it’s adequate enough. The bathroom on the other hand is quite spacious. It has a shower/tub and plenty of shower gels and fresh towels. Overall the place is sufficient for the purpose.

Laura is a cute Polish girl in her early/mid-30s (estimated real age 32-33y.o; for the record most of her profiles say 26y.o. but Diva escorts says 30y.o. so she is at least 30y.o.-she may be just 30 but she does look 32-33 although this may be due to the escorting toll. Anyway.) She has medium-long blonde hair and green eyes. She is 5ft7in (1.70m) tall (barefoot) and with heels she was about 6ft. Her figure is a curvy-slim dress size 10-‘11’. Her butt is quite nice having a H combined with inverted V shape. Her tits are lovely as well: a handful perky 34C (or full cup 36B). Below are some pics from her profile with the first from the left being the most representative (90%) about her face.

Comments about the pictures’ accuracy (mixed) 
As I don't want to convey the wrong message I am going to be very careful and try to be as objective and as fair as possible.
1. So OK let’s start with the pros. Yes, the pics are 100% genuine i.e. yes, it is certainly Laura in the pictures and yes, you can identify her from them. And, yes, the face features (eyes, nose, lips) are the same. The most representative (80%-90% accurate) pictures about her face features are these: pic1 (90% accurate); pic 2 (80% accurate), pic 3 (80% accurate).
2. However the pics are airbrushed and make her look younger than she is. Furthermore some other pictures (others from the ones above) e.g. pic 4, and pic 5 make her look more beautiful. If you indulge into wishful thinking and go there expecting to see the gorgeous very young Barbie doll of pics 4 and 5 you will certainly get disappointed as the real thing is quite of a downgrade.
3. Don't get me wrong though - Laura IS fairly attractive/cute. I am just flagging up that her pics (especially the best ones) are misleading and combined with all that fluffy feedback on her several agency profiles and auto-censored all saying that she looks better than her pics are generating way too high expectations that she fails to meet. Also albeit a good “curvy-slim” figure (size 10-“11”) the pictures are again inaccurate as they depict a size 8-‘9’ girl. She does have a small (and I repeat *small* NOT big) bulge of fat in her stomach area (hardly noticeable) and her upper arms are fuller (neither fat nor chunky just not as slim as shown in her pics).
4. Now let’s put these inaccuracies into a mathematical perspective using the new version (version 2.0) of my picture-calibrated female beauty scale:
-Face score as per her best airbrushed pictures and poses (e.g. 1, 2): 9.3/10 (gorgeous level)
-Body score as per her airbrushed pics: 8.8/10
-Overall attractiveness as per her airbrushed pics: 9.0/10

-Real face score: 7.5/10 (cute level)
-Real body score: 7.6/10
-Real overall attractiveness: 7.6/10 (i.e. 2.4 attractiveness units difference)

Friendly and welcoming and quite horny but at the same time sensual. Slightly manipulative but nonetheless obliging. Her English is not great but sufficient - currently B1 (Threshold or intermediate) as that is defined by CEFR.
(A) Meeting arrangement: (positive)
Booking arranged at short notice (45mins before the meeting). As always with any type A London escort agency you call, you can ask questions, you get answers and then you may either proceed or not (they won’t mark you as a timewaster if not unless you are taking the piss of course). Anyway when you proceed you say time and duration and the receptionist tells you that they will contact the girl to see if she is available and if yes then the booking is made – confirmed with a text message also stating the full address. Really booking girls from type A agencies is the easiest thing in world (nb. type B and C are usually pisstakers though).

(B) During the meeting: (positive)
I was greeted with a smile and her wearing sexy lingerie. I paid, we had a small talk and I went to the shower. On my return she deemed the lights, put some music on and we started…

Services that I made use of: Deep French kissing, body kissing, protected vaginal penetration sex in several positions, OWO, deepthroat, cunnilingus, 69, CIM, clit stroking, handjob, shower together.

1. Very passionate sensual, prolonged, full-on, opened-mouth Deep French Kissing- excellent DFK technique – she is really a wonderful kisser and we were kissing like true lovers.
2. A truly fantastic shag. VERY passionate and VERY enthusiastic during sex in several positions (missionary, cowgirl, joggy, doggy and some of their variations). Very natural flow and transitioning and she gives her all. She also kissed down my body etc all performed very sensually. For the record her favourite position appears to be doggy.
3. She didn’t rush me to cum. In fact during shagging she begged or “begged” me: “don't cum yet baby, please don’t cum yet...”. Well I didn't cum early … and she took one very long round of hard pounding where she appeared to enjoy or “enjoy” herself.
4. Excellent OWO technique. Also she slowly took a large part of my cock in the mouth in some sort of sensual deepthroating.
5. Very responsive during RO and she cums or “cums”. Her orgasms real or not were so realistic that it really doesn't matter to me if they weren’t real. It was a true highlight.
6. CIM available (I made use of it). Once I cummed she continued sucking for a while until she eventually retreated to the bathroom to spit it. COB is available as well. I cannot comment about COF as I didn’t ask about it. 
7. Shower together at the end of the session. In the bathtub we were Deep French kissing. Also a lot of teasing and washing of each other’s body. After our shared shower she dressed up with new clothes with a more casual but naughtier look (mini jean shorts+blouse) which I liked more. I also enjoyed the view of her dressing up in front of me bending her arse, etc. I would extend but I had other commitments later on.
8. Absolutely no clockwatching, no rushing at the end and no ushering out to the door. Instead we Deep French kissed goodbye like lovers and she also made sure I look good before stepping out by gently tugging my hair, straightening my shirt collar, saying she wants to see me again, etc. Nice touch which added greatly to the GFE illusion.
9. She doesn’t take back to back bookings (although that maybe entirely due to not having many).
10. Immaculate clean/freshly showered.
11. Punctual (meeting started on time).

1. She is a bit lazy. She wasn’t keen to cowgirl instead when we got into the cowgirl position she wanted me to fuck her by thrusting upwards like inverted missionary. She was very horny and she wanted to cum (so she said) anyway who am I to not I oblige to such a horny request (genuine or not)? Also with the blowjob. Yes, her technique was excellent but the first round of blowjob was cut rather short (3-4mins) – after that she asked for sex. I am more fan of shagging than receiving blowjob so fine for me as I was about to transition into sex myself anyway. Also to be fair she did give more blowjob again in the latter stages during 69 as well as the finishing blowjob+CIM. Total period of her giving oral was about 10mins.
2. Her initial moans albeit a good act could not fool me. That said at about the 35th min and 38th min marks her seemingly involuntary spasms during a combined switching of RO/penetration were extremely realistic and if not genuine then she did fool me after all.
3. No fingering (clit stroking is allowed but not fingers are allowed to be inserted in the vagina).
4. You need to take a shower at her place regardless of whether you just had one beforehand as it is her hygiene policy. Personally for incalls I almost always retake a shower at the WGs’ premises (me asking) despite this being completely unnecessary as I just had one– I do so to put them more at ease and take a better service leaving them no margin for excuses. But I know that a few punters are oversensitive over this subject and either take offense of it or think it is a waste of time. So although absolutely not a problem for me (in fact for me it counts as a positive) I mention it for those who may have a different mind-set.
5. Whilst in the shower/tub (at the end of the session) and before she joined me in the tub she opened the bathroom window, lit up a cigarette, she puffed 4-5 times and stopped – she is in the process of giving up smoking and she also uses an electronic cigarette.   

Q. Do I recommend her? A. Yes. If you like punting size 10-“11” women in their early-mid 30s who are very horny and provide a great GFE illusion then I can certainly recommend her. If instead you like fit size 6 girls in their early 20s then look elsewhere. If you want to give her a try and want to have a plan B then Liana (a good regular of mine) who is less than 1 minute walking distance away may provide this backup plan role (and vice versa – Laura can serve the backup role too in case you go first for Liana). Amy (also in her early 30s and with inaccurate agency pics) is nearby too and she is a good shag as well.
Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)? A. Yes. I considered walking because of the pics' inaccuracy but I am glad I didn’t as the experience was great. I left with a big smile on my face and albeit I believe it was a slightly overpriced punt (her estimated fair value based on her appearance is around £110-£120ph) it was a good investment nonetheless.
Q. Will I meet her again in the future? A. Albeit not the usual type of girl that I go for I do like variety and given my punting frequency and the fact that this year I am focusing on regulars and revisiting girls I met before it won't be long until I see her again - most likely as a part of a mini three punt challenge (revisiting Laura, Liana and Amy on trot).

Attractiveness/Beauty: 7.6/10 (face score: 7.5/10; body score 7.6/10) – ratings are based on this scale and criteria (version 2.0)
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 10/10
Willingness to please: 8.8/10
Energy: 8.0/10
Enthusiasm: 10/10
Participation: 10/10
Expression of enjoy: 10/10
Available services: 9.4/10
Quality of available services: 9.6/10
GFE illusion: 9.4/10
Hygiene Standard: 10/10
English level: 6.0/10
Location: 9.0/10
Premises: 6.5/10
Smoker status: Smoker in process of giving up (also quite fresh taste as she uses mouthwash, also no smoking smell on her hair)
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Quality/price ratio: Overpriced (estimated fair value: £110-£120ph)

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positive=4.5 or 5 stars, mostly positive=3.5 or 4 stars, mixed=2 or 3 stars, negative=0 or 1 stars
neutral=something that either doesn't bother me personally generally or didn't bother me at the time although it would be preferable if it were available or avoided (depending on the subject). It might be decisive for others though that is why is mentioned.

On auto-censored: FR no. : 118406
On agencies: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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Sir, Your reviews are legendary, you must have too much time on your hands !!
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