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Author Topic: 'Kerb crawl' creeps hit with city centre ban  (Read 2036 times)

Offline RandyF

Article in tonight's Evening times  - apparently there's been an eight-week blitz on street whoring...

Banning reason: Troll

Article in tonight's Evening times  - apparently there's been an eight-week blitz on street whoring...

Didn't realize Glasgow still had a red-light area, thought it long gone, due to police presence

Is this a sign of things to come, first the kerb crawlers, so how long till they go after anyone who sees escorts in flats

Offline Marmalade

Scottish police force's abolitionist harassment policy,  plain and simple. (The traditional red light district never bothered 'residents' as it concerned a non-residential part of the city centre. Only people bothered are administrators and people 'persuaded' to be 'bothered' lala.)

Online Happyjose

But it seems Inspector Campbell intends eradicating all prostitution in the city (that's what the article says, though maybe she meant the eradication of street prostitution in the city and she's been misquoted), not just the illegal activities. Pretty big brief and good luck with that

The police must be hoaching with resources if they're embarking on a moral crusade.

There are lots of things that happen in Glasgow centre that could potentially cause me "alarm & annoyance", but if it isn't illegal it's really none of my concern
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Article in tonight's Evening times  -

Followed up by news story on bbc news Scotland

Flats on argyle street got a mention, as being used for prostitutes trafficked to Scotland

Anne McIlveen Men have been getting away with it for years, a lot of these men are abusing these girls, and then there going home, and playing happy families, there families should know what there doing 

System in northern Ireland mentioned, and coalition of church groups propose a law change, making illegal to purchase sex, making it illegal lowers the demand

Any UKP guys get banned...or stopped?

This is a worrying, if not totally unexpected, development. Kerb crawling is, of course, illegal and a legitimate target for Police Scotland. What concerns me is the mindset displayed by Inspector Campbell who seems to have fully bought into the whole feminist anti prostitution movement; they have rebranded 'prostitution' as 'violence'. More chillingly, a recent paper from the Scottish Government casually lists prostitution as an example of violence against women. Wrong, of course, since sex for money between consenting adults in Scotland is an entirely legal activity; for now, at least. Look what happened in Northern Ireland.
It is not the churches that we should worry about, it's Rhoda Black and her ilk of feminist bigots and man haters. Be assured, these people will soon be back at the door of the Scottish Parliament to have their bigoted views enshrined in law. They will deliberately confuse the issue by conflating prostitution with human trafficking, a vile practise which is already illegal. These people play dirty and paint a picture of the escorting scene which we would not recognise, mainly because it is a distorted picture. None of them have ever as much as spoken to a Service Provider.
If a change in the law is proposed, there will first be a period of consultation. Do not ignore this. Let your views be known, even if anonymously.
One practical action which we can take take is to give Romanians a very wide berth as there is a strong suggestion that many are indeed trafficked. Why do you think they are so bloody unenthusiastic? The less of these types there are around and the less excuse the abolitionists will have to deliberately confuse whoring with human trafficking.

Also might now avoid some service apartments where multiple wg's are based.

Offline carlisle78

At least every time Rhoda Grunt and her insane buddies pop out of their asylum there are campaigning girls like Laura Lee out there speaking against the lies. Whatever people might think of LL you can't fault how she stand up for her line of work?
Banning reason: Trolling another member because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. Also known as EdiTed on other sites.

Offline auldie63

If they get their new law passed to make it an offence to pay for sex we will all be in trouble. That will be the end of the Saunas and the indies will have to watch where they work as punters are going to have to watch out when they go for a meet that no cunt is watching who comes and goes out of a premises. I still find it hard to see how they prove that you have paid for sex unless they set up stings, as surely no WG would shop you.
Many moons ago before the Saunas, when there only was the drag and through the day Glasgow Green vicinity in Glasgow, the bluebottles used to have periodic purges, was stopped myself, but it was mainly the girls they went after. But since the 80s maybe, a lot of Holy Wullies seem to have risen through the ranks in the force and seem determined to put a stop to our enjoyment. What really gets me is that the bastards leave the gays alone. 

Offline mr small

Auldie 63 I know of a case where the police took 40mins to get to a location 100 yards from a station after a report of a male threatening people with a knife  but the same location got 4 officers in under 5 minutes for a report of someone disrupting the peace by calling someone a 'fucking dyke'.

Offline chico1000

 Don't you miss Margo Macdonald at least she had a lot of common sense on the subject.
This will take a long time to become legislation if it ever does and will only probably be targeted against walk ups and brothels.  It would a shame for maybe a couple of indies that work together and for punters you will always be a lot more on edge no matter what the scenario.
  There may be one or two Romanians that offer a good Independent service but agree any EE girl operated by a sergi or for that matter anyone that is being forced should be avoided. 
Quite happy to fire someone if I thought they were being forced.  Crimestoppers is a good route.  Eradicate the traffickers then the churchies and man haters have only a moral argument and hopefully common sense will prevail.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline rogue5


Very good "discussion" of this issue from last year on STV tonight.

Offline val

What could they prosecute a kerb crawler with? Persistent use of low gears?

In Glasgow they have closed down all the parlours except the gay saunas. Why?

Offline Marmalade

What could they prosecute a kerb crawler with? Persistent use of low gears?

In Glasgow they have closed down all the parlours except the gay saunas. Why?

i) it's an offence to drive too slowly
ii) Who knows. Nothing to do with the chief of police being gay  :rolleyes:

Offline Keema

And with 20mph zones entering cities there's now a fine line between speeding and kerb-crawling

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