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Author Topic: Naughty Sarah back  (Read 1041 times)

For Naughty Sarah fans her profile has reappeared and was logged in today.

https://www.adultwork.com/1994114 or https://www.adultwork.com/naughty+sarah%2E%2E%2E

So will it be Naughty Sarah or Paris Lamour as both now back.

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Offline Redster69

Her profile never disappeared and she hasn't logged on since 6th jan

Offline White Knight

If slim ee girls who provide vanilla service are the only ones that make your little friend pop try

Sophievip - best Romanian rack on a slim beautiful girl if you are a boob man..digbeth
Wet nicole - hockey...good body & decent rack
Sonya...hockey...good body & decent rack
Samantha blonde -  a real looker..Granville st
Pola - best wg on aw..she may be back...Granville st
Vicky Ryder...maybe best wg on aw
Beautiful Amanda...another maybe best wg on aw

These may satisfy your needs more than Paris or Sarah & make your friend work again...

Happy to help
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Offline White Knight

Naughty sarah is still on medical leave recovering from the 100+ punts a month. Recovering well and should be able to walk again, doctors have cleaned her up and so no longer a high STI risk. Paris is back and available on aw...as there will be always one night in Paris..So difficult to choose?..will it be a cheap slim ee girl who provides poor service unless she has been on the block along time or one of the premium wg who charge too much?
Banning reason: Failing to reply to admin as to why false info was posted

Offline Trevor12

She is back now, and her profile says available today.

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