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Author Topic: Another one who cant tell the truth  (Read 817 times)

Offline Jerboa

If she's a size 8 I'm a adonis lol,  :P

Offline Steve2

She was at the flat in Church Lane NW9 back in the summer. Saw her in passing and probably just missed the 1 off. size 18 I'd say

Offline James999

Offline philuk1uk

Ridiculous!  Probably thinking punters are too thick to know a size 8 from 18, i've got no problems with girls of any size as long as they tell the truth!

Offline softlad

Wouldn't surprise me if it's a scam profile.
Size is wrong for sure, more like as stated here 16+.
Price is very low.
All services available.
No feedback, (maybe understandable as the profile is only a couple of days old)

My sixth sense says scam.

Offline cherry-delight

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 67
You could indeed could be right,she's gone. :rolleyes:

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