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Author Topic: Victoria Edinburgh  (Read 652 times)

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Offline WinterSoldier


After reading negative reviews of this girl i felt the need to sign up so i could also tell of my terrible experience with her.

It was last year i saw her in Dundee, i had confirmed a booking time with her but when i arrived she ignored my calls for about 30 mins and left me hanging around in the freezing cold like a plum. Just as i was about to leave she text saying to come now, when i arrived instead of giving me an apology she was very very rude and was not happy because i had called her 6 times when i was waiting outside.

This was my first ever punt and i was really nervous, her appearance was shocking(tracksuit bottoms and a dirty t-shirt) i just assumed that she would be getting changed into something nice but i was wrong, without trying to be too personal, this girls teeth are absolutely disgusting, i was really shocked by them,straight away she told me to get undressed as the clock was ticking, already at this point i was deeply regretting my decision to visit her, i asked for my money back before we got started but she refused.

The sex was very rushed and very poor, i was not allowed to touch her breasts neither would she change position, she just lay there on her back with a stupid bored look on her face, i left before i finished and told myself that i would never punt again.

After about a month i did visit another girl, it was only then that i realised just how bad my visit to Victoria was.

stay well clear lads, this girl is a nightmare!

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Offline JazzMan

Thanks for the info.
Was it the girl in the photos?
Professional photoshop-ed photos are always a warning sign.
I've never used E-S they seem to be full of fakes.

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Offline WinterSoldier

Yeah mate, defo the girl in the pictures but heavily photoshopped, her breasts look nothing like that.

Appearance wise it was clear she had made no effort whatsoever, greasy hair and wicked teeth.. Maybe i got her on a bad day but im just telling it like it is, im
Not getting personal about it.
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Offline JazzMan

I think they should make an effort to dress sexy and wear sexy underwear.
Most escorts do, but I've had some turn up at my door from GEA wearing old jeans, t-shirt ect... As if they're the cleaners.
In future I'll send them back.
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