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Author Topic: Scarlett MILF  (Read 961 times)

Offline Crooked i

Hi chaps

Anyone had the (dis?)pleasure of visiting Scarlett MILF? Would like to check out some reviews before contacting but doesn't seem like there are any available.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2348271  or  https://www.adultwork.com/Scarlett+Milf

Been lurking these forums for a while but have yet to go on my first punt. This one seems a safe option as she's local and friendly-looking an reckon I'd be less nervous with an experienced MILF than I would be some young Polish bomb shell (which is definitely the eventual agenda).

Any info would be greatly appreciated, particularly face/attitude.

Cheers - I hope to contribute to the site myself once I get going.
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I would have thought a safe option would be to go with someone, milf or otherwise, who has been well reviewed on here. There's a thread open at the moment called Milf In London which I think would be a better place to start. This girl has all her photos taken at an angle which, to my mind, suggest she is concealing a massive and unpleasant gunt. I could be totally wrong but if I were you I'd be heading somewhere with less potential pitfalls.

Tbh thats a pretty poor profile there - always keep a look out as to how well the profile has been filled out and make sure you read up on reviews before making your choice.

Offline Crooked i

Yeah good shout, does seem a bit of a naive choice now. Will have another browse - thanks.

Obviously if anyone has seen her, drop a comment. Cheers!
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Just be careful - read up as much as you can wherever you can.

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