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Author Topic: Adele4u - punt and Dennis!  (Read 1181 times)

104 review(s) for Adele4u (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


So I jumped on the Adele bandwagon. I tried to see her before Xmas but couldn't make our schedules match but managed to finally see her this year. I will only echo what others have said so some people might want to stop reading now.

She is fucking great!!

We arranged everything through AW and comms were OK but quite cursory so I thought she might not be the chatty type. Called on the day to let her know I was on her street and she picked me up at the entrance to her building. She is gorgeous in an attainable way which sounds like a backhanded compliment but it really isn't, I just mean that I wouldn't think she is out of my league if I saw her on a night out. She was smiley right away but seemed a bit tentative to start. We had a hug and kiss just through her door and she relaxed a bit. She was dressed in a nice black dress with very little make-up, she's naturally very beautiful and has amazingly soft skin.

She showed me round, gave me a drink and chocolates and we just had a bit of a chat on the bed with some touching and kissing. I like to have shower when I see a WG, if nothing else it puts them at rest that you're clean. Made sure not to burn my arse on the furnace she calls a towel rail and we were ready. We started with a lot of kissing, not DFK but very sexy and intimate, as she stripped down to some fancy lingerie. She then paid some attention to my cock which was rock hard from the off. Great OWO but not the best I've had, no DT and a lot of hand use but she did pay good attention to the balls which a lot of girls overlook. I wanted to avoid going off early so got her to come up top and went in for more kissing and groping with Adele wrapped around me. She is incredibly sexy and knows how to work your body. Her tits are absolutely amazing. They're enhanced but nice and soft and best of all, her nipples are extremely sensitive - they were rock hard like bullets after a few seconds touching and licking. At this point she was reaching for a condom which had me thinking she was rushing me along but instead she put it on a pink dildo and started toying with herself as I was sucking her nipples. She told me to make her come so I headed down to lick her pussy and play with her clit. Between me and the toy she managed a great orgasm with her thighs wrapped around my head (couldn't tell you if it was real, it was convincing if not). By this point she was begging me to fuck her (the girl puts in a shift to make a man feel wanted) so on with the mac and fucked her in variations of mish until I came hard. This was easily the best mish I've had, she never lets up. I was trying to take a rest at one point but she just kept going underneath me while I was taking a breather.

We then had a really friendly chat between rounds. She's a well-travelled girl and seems to have escorted on every continent. She's also very smart and holds a conversation well. In another thread there were questions about whether she is really a student and I can say that if she isn't, she's done a lot of work to make it a convincing cover. Half the WGs on AW claim to be students but couldn't tell you a things about what they are supposedly studying but Adele started giving me a demonstration.

On to round 2. She started with a Lingam massage which, to my mind, is just an slow, oily, two-handed wank. Don't get me wrong, it's fucking great but giving it a fancy name doesn't make it better than "beautiful girl giving you a sensual handjob" which isn't very punchy I suppose. She then went to OWO for a good 10 minutes but I knew I wouldn't come from a BJ at this point so on with the condom and on top with Adele. She rode me like a bronco, I've never seen such enthusiasm from any girl before. Ended in the condom again and then just hugged it out and kissed for a while with my cock inside her. There was a bit more chat as we recovered and she apologised for checking the time which was well over the hour - so then I had to apologise. Had a shower and she loaded me up with chocolates for the journey back to work.

This is probably my favourite punt yet. Adele is a great girl who gives a first class GFE which is what I look for. The only downside is that I feel like I can't see her too often. We got on very well and like a lot of the same things, even play some of the same games, but she gets close to being too convincing as a GFE and EAS will be a worry with a girl like this. I'll go back on a once a month basis (my resolution to only punt once a month is fucked beyond repair at this point anyway) and re-read other UKP reviews to remind myself this experience was not unique to me, everyone gets the same treatment. Plus I need to see a couple of others on my HL, variety is the spice of life, etc.

Oh, and the title: on my way back to work the actor Hugh Dennis got on my tube carriage and I couldn't help thinking "Ha! punt and Dennis".

104 review(s) found for Adele4u linked to in above post (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Great review - even if she makes great reviews easy to write because of her fantastic looks, full on approach and fully dedicated service.

Brought back many happy memories to which I can very much relate. Glad you had a good time.  :drinks:

Offline d00fer

Good review and welcome to the Adele fan club.

Glad you reviewed though as the consistent similar experiences everyone has with Adele helps keep the EAS at bay.


Another positive - does she get better with every review - booked to see her in a few weeks - 1st time back in 6 weeks so looking forward to sucking on those incredible perfect tits and lick on that sweet pussy - she is that good.


Offline vt

Yeah, Adele's great...but does Steve punt??   :D

Good review and welcome to the Adele fan club.

Glad you reviewed though as the consistent similar experiences everyone has with Adele helps keep the EAS at bay.

The reviews are good because they just emphasise what a pro she is. She's excellent at being whatever you want her to be. With me she was a chilled out fuck buddy, with others she's a full on porn slut. With some other girls, even UKP legends, the service is always the same even if it is delivered very well, but Adele could probably tick everyone's box.

Good review!

I was wondering where Dennis was in all of this, until the last sentence.  :)

I was thinking more...

Yeah, my fault, shit joke. For anyone who doesn't know there was a sketch show on TV probably 10 years ago or so called Punt and Dennis

Offline vt

Yeah, my fault, shit joke. For anyone who doesn't know there was a sketch show on TV probably 10 years ago or so called Punt and Dennis

Yeah, but does Steve Punt punt?  :unknown:

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Offline vt

Don't say...only if Natalie Wood would!!  :D


Don't say...only if Natalie Wood would!!  :D

WOW she is so gorgeous - loved her films growing up and I would easily pay £500 ph to do a 1 hour session with her any day

I can attest that she is, unequivocably, a student.


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