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Author Topic: New AdultWork then vanishing ?? What's going on.  (Read 564 times)

Offline Mansell

There seems to have been a real spate of AW profiles set-up recently which then vanish after a few days. You only have to look at the posts in this section to see queries about new girls, who's pictures look OK, only for the profile to vanish off AW after a few days.

What's going on, I just can't figure why anyone would bother or am I missing something and could someone explain ?

Offline AnthG

I would say 99.99% of the time it will have been PG scammers. And they will have been mass taken down by AW as they were all created using the same single IP or something.

Offline Mansell

Thanks Anth, that makes sense and now I see how they make money out of it.

Never bothered with PG's myself

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