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Google Image Search - Reverse Search
« on: November 13, 2011, 12:16:00 pm »
Hopefully by now everyone is well aware of Tineye and using it to root out Fakes and Bait & Switch Scams. The main problem IMO being the Scammers using Adultwork to waste our time and fleece the unwary of their credits.

A few months ago Google introduced the ability to do a Reverse Search based on the images indexed though it doesn't seem to have been that well publicized. Images can be dragged into the search box and away you go. In conjunction with Tineye (which is different in how it works) it is a welcome tool to avoid these timewasting cheating lowlife cunts.

As usual with Adultwork the 'Right Click' problem exists because of Javascript employed on the site. There are various ways around this and have been discussed in multiple threads and is covered in our 'Adultwork Guide'.

To use this new feature I recommend using Mozilla Firefox Browser and install the following addons that make using very easy using the right click menu. They both do the same.

Search by Image for Google
Google Search by Image

I should point out that you'd be best to turn off 'Safe Search' before using.

If you get a hit on Adultwork Report it, only takes a few seconds and may well save someone else time and money.

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Re: Google Image Search - Reverse Search
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Thanks for this useful Info Jacob and lots of other useful Info you have posted like the Adultwork Guide, your legacy lives on through your Info.  :thumbsup:

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