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Author Topic: Gang bangs at the Little Yellow House in Barking.  (Read 3758 times)

This lot basically...


I've fancied going to one for a while, and I think I finally have a time when both I'm free and one is happening, however, I was wondering if anyone on here has been and what they're like. I know the girls are generally large (that doesn't worry me) but it's more whether you arrive and start shagging pretty much straight away, or are they chock full of blokes with no trousers on standing around making small talk wishing the afternoon was over waiting ages for a slot to fit in, in both senses of the phrase. Whilst I expect to get flamed (this topic generally seems to divide into militantly "Fuck no, are you mental!" and "Ooooh, yes please!" camps with no middle ground) constructive advice please.

It's one of their mega ones on an afternoon with 5 girls rather than a evening smaller one BTW.


Have you seen some of the pics?

Not great and not my thing but good luck if you do attend

Offline JamesKW

Unfortunately I cant see prices so it is difficult to say whether value for money.I know this place used to get bad reviews on swinging heaven five years ago,due to the usual arguments of too many men,poor rundown facilities,but it may have improved since.

Offline daveev

looked at some of the pictures, i'm 54 so looks like i might be the youngest there, and seems a lot of tv's go, so defo id not be showing up, good luck if you attend

Offline Jay-Jay

Jeez !!! And they keep banging on about how spoilt you all are South of Watford !


I've never visited this place. From reading reviews on a swinger forum it sounds really rough. There was talk of a cat litter tray in the dungeon area.

When driving past it on the A13 it looks rundown and sleazy, I won't be going there because of this. Others have said that the Paradise Club in Dagenham is much nicer. Again I've not been there either so YMMV.

OMG, the Rocky Horror Show! Club has the same name as an executive coach that was run by Lacy's Coaches ( East Ham ) back in the late seventies/early eighties. Employed a lady driver to do all their top-notch tour work, fancy uniform, gave her her own coach with big letters across the the back "The Lacy Lady". Probably well into her eighties by now. Could be related??

Offline tbrad

old men dressed up as women = mentally ill imo

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