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Author Topic: sweet paula (leeds)  (Read 855 times)

Tony Montana

The number is advertised elsewhere so maybe not, although her "likes" list is very small

« Last Edit: February 04, 2015, 10:10:07 AM by Tony Montana »

she looks really hot, might be one of those to good to be true accounts. will send her a pm asking if she does other services

Offline bod666

The profile says "full gfe" and i'm a vanilla gfe kind of guy so may toftt if the profile is still around when i next have the opportunity.

It's probably a bait and switch though :(

Offline bod666

Profile gone from aw :( so probably not real

Offline KingKenny7

I think the profile for sweet paula has reappeared under a new name Sweet_Bella


4 review(s) found for Sweet_Bella. linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline bod666

No that's a different girl. Only so so reviews on ukp though i'm still tempted (it's those boobs again !)   :wacko:

Offline KingKenny7

Bod you are a man after my own heart...I am a total boob man....however for me ideally natural...

Gabi has given me great positive  feedback so that's good, Aimee sweet now has one review so looking good....Think time to book a cheeky weekend punt...

Hot Bianca looks good value.. Polish incl anal £60 for 30 min..... Cute Jenny also.....

Thanks for the PM btw.... I know someone who booked BJ Claire.... apparently had a room in a BB in Headingley and she has a few body scars and put some weight on and small boobs..... He was not impressed....Car meets not for me.....but appreciate the effort and cheap punt with feedback also etc....

Offline bod666

your mate is not wrong about bj claire (apart from having put weight on - i found her quite slim). 

she is not well endowed in the chest department (wears cunning underwear that makes you think they're bigger than they are), and she does have a scar that is from a nasty car crash.  i did have a proper outcall with her which was very nice but not something i'd want to repeat. however the £40 bj car meet is very nice when i'm feeling lazy ;)

it can't compete with a good gfe session but few things can!
 it was mostly as a suggestion to get some +ve feedback quickly and cheaply.

i keep looking at sweet bella's pics and being drawn to her twin assets ;) very tempting...

glad you finally got some feedback and can hopefully try again for tiff.

not seen hot bianca or cute jenny. don't think there are any reviews either. feel free to toftt and report back ;)

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