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Author Topic: SweetGabix - Leeds  (Read 4690 times)

5 review(s) for SweetGabix (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline KingKenny7

Hi Guys

As this was my first punt & this is my first review please bear with me...

SweetGabix - £120 - 1 hour - www.adultwork.com/2520353

After reading a couple of awesome reviews I decided that I would contact SweetGabix to see if she was still in Leeds and if she was working today. I phoned around 10.45am and a quiet, sweet voice answered, I asked if this was Gabi to which she replied yes....I asked if she was working today which she said yes...I had a couple of questions / requests and said I would email them, however Gabi was happy to answer any question over the phone.. I sent a booking request through and she replied very quickly with the apartment postcode..

Quick google street view search and I headed off to find a car park...Got slightly lost finding the entrance to the apartment, so rang Gabbi and she talked me through to her front door, in fact she could see me from her balcony...I was very very nervous and as I approached the main entrance somebody else was at the lift and waited for me....I was thinking RUN.....need not worry and up I went...

Knocked on the door, door opens with Gabi behind and once inside Gabi had a beautiful smile, dressed as requested and those b**bs are amazing...Into the bedroom and she was chatty, smiling, polite and reassuring. Asked how long, deal booked and she left I presume to hide the money...I stayed fully clothed just incase...She laughed when returning to the room and said..You really are a first timer...

I quickly undressed and being polite started with DFK (Wanted those b**bs really) I slowly undressed her and continued with the DFK.. Gabi is such a beautiful young lady, long dark hair, tanned (sunbed) shaved, slim figure and for me her amazing breasts...

After DFK, I asked for OWO in which she had a great technique, finishing off with awesome HJ....Started to have sex in several positions which was amazing. Gabbi was friendly, polite, laughing, throughout and even saying a few polish words which turned me on... The headboard was banging loudly against the wall...No music playing...

Gabby never once appeared to be clock watching and I could not have asked for a more pleasing, energetic, first punt. Plenty of DFK and she delivered everything that she has promised..

Asked Gabbi to join me in the shower to finish off to which she agreed...

Overall I had an amazing experience, the previous reviews are accurate and she really is such a stunning, beautiful lady..Gabi told me today was her last in Leeds for a while. She is taking a holiday, no idea when returning but 100% returning. No doubt, I will be joining the long list of people trying to book...

I did ask Gabbi to provide feedback and I would return the favour to which she agreed. Fingers crossed Gabbi will do this before jetting off on holiday, as I want to book Tiff next...

5 review(s) found for SweetGabix linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline costa

sorry to bolt this onto yours Kenny couldn't work out how to post a review - this was from last week

very discreet location in a modern apartment block central, but on a road I've never been down but close to the river. parking close by but quite expensive if staying over an hour, didn't see anywhere else to park close-by other than the car park over the road from the location.
I booked gabi due too some very well wrote reviews from trusted forum members on another platforms and on this forum.
id been wanting to try a shared shower but my regular girls I see- I believe have a lot off money invested in there hair so I'd been emailing other Adultwork members wanting this service.
emailed gabi about a shower together and she said no problem so booked on the day for an appointment and an hour later we were showering.
the apartment is very discrete no visible security on a desk to walk past couple off flights up I was nocking on her door and when she opened it I was quite blown away how stunning she was very naturally pretty - first thought was a European tennis player looks.
gabi was dressed in a denim shirt and panty's due to the wanting to get straight into her shower. Quickly got undressed and I was joining her. I've got to admit soaping gabi's boobs up was worth the fee itself and was one off the most amazing experience's off my life. gabi's boobs are page 3 quality .after around 10 minutes we got dried off and were kissing on her bed. the GFE with this lady is one off the best I've had and her oral skills was thee best I've had. condom on a couple off positions - must say gabi is very flexable but she youngish. we then got back in the shower to freshen up.
I must say this was probably the best girl I've booked due to looks, and quality off how the services were given. it took a good 30 minutes for my legs to stop shaking that is something off a first.
I would and will book again for sure

Offline bod666

how does the shared shower thing work? is it just soaping each other's bits? i've never done it myself but can see the attraction. i'm glad i'm on the hunt for other hidden Leeds gems while Gabi is on her hols as something tells me i might not be able to see her when she gets back due to her new found popularity :(

Offline bod666

also - what did she do with her hair? she has really long hair? she didn't put it in a shower cap did she? though i bet she could even make that look sexy  :P

Offline costa

Yeah see tied it up in a bun , the shower thing is something I've wanted to do with tiff and Candi but it wasn't or didn't happen due to Candis hair and tiff kept cancelling but not due to the shower more a Personel thing  with tiff.
Gabi shower was quite tight with us both in there but it was an amazing experience . I'll keep trying with Candi I think I could happen with time .

I sore angel wings last week for a shower and a bit of Gfe after and that was as good if not better , due to her intuseasim for the shower and the Gfe . I dare say she would make a great regular girl , the highlight was a gentle prostate massage while in the shower without asking . Great discrete location as well .

Offline costa

    been reading reviews on Daniella of Playmates on another forum looks like she has around 7-10 very good reviews all above 80% which going on there scoring system id says she's probably very attractive. think if you mention the forum you get a £20 discount at the time off booking. reading the reviews looks like she has a pretty long likes list too. ??????

Offline costa

on a separate note looks like gabi or someone keeps logging on aswell.

Offline bod666

Is this her? http://www.playmateleedsescorts.co.uk/escort/blonde-leeds-pse-escort

Looks tasty but i generally prefer brunettes over blondes.
Re Gabi - last time i looked her profile says "on holidays"; she talked to me about going to Bristol or Jersey so she may  well still be in the country and accessing her account but not available. If she'd gone abroad it would say "accessing from Poland" or whatever at the bottom of her profile (on the main site not the mobile version).

She said she'd be coming back so it's all good. We just have to be patient and try to unearth other hidden gems.  I did email two english Leeds based girls who i hadn't seen the profiles before but neither replied :(

Offline costa

yeah she's the one I was on about , she got some excellent reviews , I've never used an agency before so a bit unsure. booked in with tiff next week but ive been cancelled on 2 times in the last few months , so Danni might be a last minute reserve if the worst should happen.

Offline costa

ive also got my eye on a ik services girl called belle - also very good reviews and trimmed rather than shaven which I like.

Offline bod666

I've never used an agency either as i tend to prefer indies but if they're good then gotta be worth it :)

These are the two I've been looking at:
https://www.adultwork.com/2636362 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexycandy15
https://www.adultwork.com/2494955 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chelsey%5FMai

aw reviews look good but you never know and no phone number showing for either  :unknown:

Offline costa

in my opinion the 2nd lady looks a bit more off a real profile , just going on the amount off content and reviews . I look at the whole profile,reviews and look at who the reviewers have seen - the second one looks a safer bet.
 but I know you want a hidden gem so the first one might be that gem - im more off a follower than a trail blazer that's why I tend to stick to candi and tiff, but id be more than happy to go with an agencie girls without any security fears.

We should probably get another topic going :) gems in Leeds or something.

sexcandy15s pic looks alluring:) but little info

chelsey_mai has plenty of picks but all of them lack clarity, i think she is a lot older than 26 and probably older than 30.

Offline bod666

Sexycandy's private gallery is full of face pics and her likes list includes being filmed hence I'm keener on her. She read my email but didn't reply.

Justfornow - good call on the hidden gems idea. We should probably start it in the regional punting one - and in that thread all of the random query ones could go that no1 ever responds too ;)

Maybe we should call it the toftt thread?  :lol:

Offline costa

ive been keen to seen Elegant Emilia for a while and have exchanged email but someone sore her on here and walked away so that put me off obviously. after tiff next week think ill try Daniela from playmates or belle from ik.

Offline bod666

ive been keen to seen Elegant Emilia for a while and have exchanged email but someone sore her on here and walked away so that put me off obviously. after tiff next week think ill try Daniela from playmates or belle from ik.

Go for it my man! & remember to do reviews on here so we know who's worth seeing ;)

Would be good to see a more recent review of Tiff - haven't seen her in ages

Offline costa

I don't always stick to leeds and on days off and go to Manchester for punts , id like to see air hostess jemma , also good reviews and shes on twitter so you can sort off get an idea off her personality .

Offline bod666

I'm not restricted to Leeds either. I also get to play in the west mids and London. Sometimes it's handy travelling around ;)

started another thread in regional for yorkshire

Online johnny34

sorry to bolt this onto yours Kenny couldn't work out how to post a review - this was from last week

When you want to post a review go into the review section of the appropriate region & in the top right hand corner click on 'New Review', then fill in if its positive/neutral/negative & then write out review & post.

Tony Montana

Looks like Gabi is back - showing available today in Leeds


Offline bod666

Yup - and i'm already booked in to see her next week  :yahoo:

I'm like a little kid before xmas!   :dance:

Offline costa

3 bookings lined up for March , thought I better get in early think she might be busy but rightly so she's smoking hot with a rack that could bring page 3 back

Offline bod666

3 bookings lined up for March , thought I better get in early think she might be busy but rightly so she's smoking hot with a rack that could bring page 3 back
You've made 3 bookings? Like one a week or something? Good planning!  :hi:

Offline costa

its roughly spread out every 8-9 days , just 30 minutes but we both know shes worth it , while every shes in leeds ill see no one else , the 2 regulars I see- I think are now that popular in my head im thinking the service with me has possible drop slightly .

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