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Author Topic: schooner way  (Read 1243 times)

Offline mr big

anyone been to the parlour in schooner way its in a house any feedback would be good

Offline Corus Boy

Don't know of it, any links please?

This in Cardiff/Newport? Any names or links?

Offline Corus Boy

Is this a reference to the new place with transient EE girls in Fforde Garthorne?

Or is it that Mr Big has appeared highlighting a place we don't know and his only other post is against another girl, admittedly a justified one about bareback!
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Offline mr big

lol no there is a place in schooner way in Cardiff ive been told about it but don't know what its like and got no links all I know its a house

I think this could be Tasty Nina, Danish Delight and another girl whose name I can't remember! It's not a parlour, just a few WGs working from the same place.

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