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Author Topic: TiffanyForFun  (Read 2345 times)

Offline costa

Your call kenny - candi's tatts are on her back and tigh but personally don't even notice them anymore if at ever - you could ask her to wear something to cover them up - she's a cool girl and will do anything to make sure your happy (as in clothing) she's worn everything from casual clothing - to secretary too gym clothes , swim wear

With angel wings what you could do is and this is something I do is to text you if she has anyone cancel on her you might find someone drops there arse and cancels her.

With the 18 year old all looks above board but like I say I go into there feed back and check it look right and there not blagged reports , I always a bit weary with new girls and to be fair I follow the reviewers rather than the well wrote profiles.

Offline KingKenny7

I might give Candii a try. You cannot argue with her feedback and she must be good as has regular, repeat customers.  As for the 18, I have messaged and weary also as most of her feedback is webcam. I have looked in private gallery and am rubbish at guessing ages but looks 21+ to me...Couple of her pics don't show a tattoo on her side and some do...

I will wait a week or so and hopefully the lovely Tiff will agree to see me if she is feeling better....

how old is angelwings? i've seen some girls that have 30 on their profile and it's always closer to 40...

Her enjoys list is suspect too.  Pity :(

she looks very good in photos but i think in real life small boobs and skinny not curvy figure would make her avarage...

Offline costa

how old is angelwings? i've seen some girls that have 30 on their profile and it's always closer to 40...

I'd say in and around 30ish not sure what she says on her profile , quite attractive but best service I've had .

Kenny - with Candi tell her your concerns reference her tatts and she'll wear something to cover them , your paying all your asking is for a item of clothing to cover her back if she dosnt like the request trust me she will tell you . The one on her leg stockings cover it anyway . With her boobs they fake but well done .

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