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Author Topic: 24ZoeEdinburgh - opinions  (Read 1003 times)

Offline Alexix


I'd like to know some opinions about this girl, have you seen her  recently?

24ZoeEdinburgh    https://www.adultwork.com/1264155

I have seen her profile long time ago after reading the reviews left here but I have never met her.

The reviews here are very old and her pictures too.

So I would like to know something about her recent look

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Offline carlisle78

She wasn't working for over a year and has only just come back with limited availability.

It's two years since I saw her so no point talking about that.
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Offline pilgrim

I saw her last year and was surprised at how different she was from her pics.  She had time out to have a baby.  She has quite a following of regulars and they seem to have stayed with her despite her size fluctuation.

Shes got a stalker ex boyfriend so she kept pulling the profile down, hence the limited availability.  Very nice modern apartment which was spotless(nice bathroom and fluffy towels for Tazzs benefit) 

Dressed as requested, good comms, no problem with services and didnt rush me.  Very welcoming and pleasant.  Plenty of parking.  Good punt its just that she was still working at getting back to her pre pregnant body size.

Offline Third Man

saw her must have been over a year ago in a hotel in dundee, think she as there for a few days, it was a decent punt if memory serves, she was very easy to talk to , no clock watcher either, must have been there about 50 mins in a 30 min punt, DFK, OWO too. personally i didnt find her particularly attractive, not bad but im a fussy old sod now. what i do remember was that she didnt leave any AW feedback after saying she would. ok aw fb is shit but if i leave it so should the girl, but she is about the only one iv seen who didnt. would i see again, no as not really my type.

Offline Alexix

Thanks to all of you for replying   :hi:

Offline Argento79

Saw her a few years back now.  Enjoyable punt.  Skilled in all departments.  Never did return although I keep an eye out for her profile.

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