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Author Topic: Nicky Divine - Harrow  (Read 1271 times)

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Offline johnnyboy61

https://www.adultwork.com/2663682 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nicky%2EDivine%2Exxx

In many ways this is the review I didn't want to write, but as she has been reviewed a couple of times recently I suppose that I might as well, partly prompted by the recent discussion on keeping our gems to ourselves.

Nicky is a regular of mine and she is my lady of choice when she is around, so I will keep this brief as it will get too fluffy if I go on.  I have been seeing her for well over 6 months now, and whilst I haven't reviewed her as such, I haven't held back on my comments in other threads where she has been discussed, so I don't think that it would be entirely fair to accuse me of keeping my views on her secret from other UKP members (and of course the Lurker Hoard).

Nicky is a Hungarian blonde and her age of 26 is accurate as far as I am aware. Her English is pretty good (she has been here for over two years on and off) and she is very pretty, as you can see by her profile pictures.  Previously she has been Nicole Spring and Nicole Vanilla Sky and before that various names in a Hungarian flat in Southfields before she became independent.  She shares a comfortable flat near Harrow on the Hill Station with well reviewed milf Crystal Sensual with good shower facilities and a candle-lit bedroom. 

There is always much discussion about her figure whenever she is reviewed on here.  She is certainly fuller than one might expect from her profile pictures (which I don't think have been Photoshopped), but she is also no lard bucket or BBW and has a flat tummy and is physically very fit.  Certainly don't visit her if you are into skinny women, but she's not one for the chubby chasers either.

Nicky's likes list is quite limited and for some reason does not include penetration, although shagging is always on the agenda and she has always given a full service.  She charges £90p/h and for my tastes offers a perfect GFE.  Her kissing is not particularly deep, but there is much use of the tongue, and her OWO is not particularly deep either, but she hits the spot just right and doesn't stint on it.  She is very affectionate with lots of kissing, a great smile and lovely green eyes that scream out "fuck me!".  As well as FK and OWO she enjoys RO and fingering, and in out last appointment I managed to bring her to a climax once with fingers and the second time with oral.  She has a lovely tight pussy and though I am keen to change positions two or three times during sex, it seems once those pussy muscles start gripping my cock, so intense is the experience that there never seems the right moment to change position.  After sex she likes to cuddle up to you, which is always a lovely way to finish the hour.  As I'm a one pop guy I've never gone on to round 2 (I'm a slow burner and sex is usually at least twenty or so minutes, so there isn't usually time for a second round after all the foreplay), but I am sure that Nicky would offer it to those who were up for it.

So, a reasonably vanilla GFE experience is what you will get, but she is very good at it and you feel that she is very comfortable and confident with what she offers.  She goes back to Hungary quite frequently (although she returned a week ago from a proper holiday in sunnier climes - not Buda as has been suggested elsewhere) and she will be retiring to study back at home at the end of the summer.  She doesn't see that many clients a day and takes a couple of days off a week when she doesn't look at her work phone or log on to AW, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from her for 24 hours when initially contacting her.

I don't get the chance to travel up to central London and so haven't sampled the delights of the much reviewed and loved Michelle Independent, Adele4u, Miss KDD, Platinum Cindy etc., but fortunately NW London does have some good talent and with Nicky around I don't feel that I'm missing out by not making the journey into Zone 1 for my punting.
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8 review(s) found for Nicky.Divine.xxx linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline scarebear

Great review Johnny boy. As someone who has seen her a few times as well, I must go back to see her again soon. And yes she loves a cuddle!

Good review for sure, i saw her once 6 months or so ago, have tried again since but always when she was away it seems. I never got round to a review as only joined in Dec.

Pretty much agree with all of that, a very nice and pretty girl, great curves, all in proportion i would say, also gives a great massage (trained she told me) way better than any i had before from a WG.

Offline johnnyboy61

If you are thinking of seeing her do it in the next couple of weeks as she told me she is back home for a few weeks from mid Feb.
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Offline monstar

Nice review johnnyboy, thanks for sharing.  :hi:

She sounds like a top girl and looks great - the photo with her standing at the door is very alluring and almost alone makes me want to meet her.  :blush:

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