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Author Topic: Bella Black Chelmsford  (Read 799 times)

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Offline Neal69

One I have seen recently

 https://www.adultwork.com/959886 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bella+Black

This one has been in my HL for ages but only seems to be available part time. She takes her pics down when she is not available.

Saw a pic in the blank space and phoned for a booking. I already had her number in my punting phone but IIRC she displays it when available.

Booking arranged and directed to a hotel outside Chelmsford and asked to phone again 30 mins before the booking started.

She is not British but spoke clear English with just a bit of an accent that I could not place. Obviously been living here for years.

Arrived at location and Bella was running a bit late and she turned up about 5 mins after the booking time. When she was settled in the room she phoned and asked me to come up to the room.

Bella is definitely the girl in the pics and although she has changed her hair colour to a dark red she looked very sexy dressed in a smart dress and boots which did not look out of place in public. Looked quite classy in fact on a cold day. I would say she is around the advertised age.

Greeted with a full on kiss that I had to interrupt to hand over the money. £120 for 1 hour

For those that cannot see the pics in her public or private gallery Bella is shown with a cute face and a cheeky smile. She is short and curvy. No fat at all just padding in the right areas, flat stomach but nice curvy arse and largish tits.

We were straight back to the full on French kissing while exploring her curves while she was still dressed. Boots were removed and we were back on with the kissing and with her rubbing her body close to mine. Off came her dress and my shirt and pants and she climbed on top of me with her Basque type underwear still on and proceeded to snog my face off while rubbing her crotch in mine. Little Neal was full attention by now and Big Neal was really enjoying this. Out popped Little Neal for a look and was greeted by a very nice session of OWO.
Off came the underwear and as I said a really sexy body was revealed with  just a few tasteful tattoos. The one above her arse is particularly nice. Shaven haven except for a small landing strip. Its not just the OWO but she kisses you all over and she gives a full on GFE.
The session progressed with me enjoying a close up of the landing strip and a long session of RO and exploring her very sexy body.
She teased me quite a bit and I bet her tie and tease is something to be sampled at a later date.
Eventually I could not take any more and she slipped the condom on with her mouth ( very sexy) and I slid inside. What followed can only be described as a long slow screw with her underneath and keeping the French kissing going all the way through to the end.

A very erotic and enjoyable experience.

In the cool down period after the sex she did explain that she is indeed part time and had limited availability.

Definitely recommended and I will be keeping an eye out for when she is available as I do want a return booking. Maybe will try the tie and tease next time but then I certainly want to do her doggy watching that great arse.

Glad I kept her in the HL even when she does seem to have limited availability.

2 review(s) found for Bella Black linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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