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Author Topic: Carla NNE - NaughtyNorthernEscorts  (Read 1321 times)

Anyone else seen Carla?
I've seen one eview which wasn't good but has she improved?
Photos look very nice but could not handle no Bj

Offline johnny34

Not sure which review your looking at? The only review i've seen was positive.

Offline Barry Shipton

Prof Yaffle's just reviewed her two days ago - all seems positive:

The only lass ive seen from nne is April and she was pretty intense. Not mad keen on going through agencies but she was well worth it.

April is good. Georgia is attractive too

Offline Poolie24

I was a little disappointed. In my opinion, not a patch on Nicole in terms of looks and service. If your wanting the full package go Nicole, if your wanting awesome looks n body with suffice service go Georgia.

Offline MDB72

I have seen Carla and Nicole several times. I think there is very little difference between the two of them. Carla is perhaps a little raunchier than Nicole but then that is like debating which curries are the hottest. These two ladies are incredibly hot. It did occur to me that I should say they are no good so I can get a booking when I want. The mere fact they are always fully booked shows how good they are. I guess the easiest way for people to decide is to book an appointment with each of them.

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