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Author Topic: Poppy/Anelise/Abby/Adelayde/Anays-Agency escort Diva/Peachy/Dior/Abella/Eternity  (Read 3053 times)

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Offline Jason

Escort name: Poppy (alias names: Anelise, Abby, Adelayde, Anays)
Website: https://www.divaescort.com/girls/brunette-south-kensington-poppy
Agency Phone: 07985571645
Time of Visit: Afternoon, Type of Visit: Incall (South Kensington, SW3)
Time Spent: 1 hr, Fee Paid: £150

Poppy/Anelise/Abby/Adelayde/Anays is a type A agency girl as this is defined in the PuntingWiki page here. I will be referring to her as Poppy as this is the name used on the agency from where I booked her (Diva escorts).

ABOUT THE VENUE: (mostly positive)
A shared flat with another girl in a well-known block of serviced apartments in South Kensington SW3, 6mins walking distance from the South Kensington tube station. Good-sized bedroom (about 14sq metres), very tidy and clean. Good bed and bedding, comfortable mattress and clean sheets. If I were to nitpick I would say that there aren't any chairs in the bedroom -just the bed and 2 bedside tables. I think it needs a chair or two for punters to put their clothes on when undressed - my coat was stored in her wardrobe btw. Anyway that is hair-splitting stuff. Her bedroom is ensuite (i.e. she has her own, non-shared bathroom which is independent from the one of the other girl and her clients). The bathroom is good-sized as well and also clean –there is a shower/tub and plenty of shower gels. Fresh towel handed. Poppy uses this flat also as a residence. Overall the place is good enough for the purpose.

Poppy is a beautiful Romanian girl in her mid-20s (estimated real age 25-26y.o; for the record profile says 23y.o. and in person she also lied about her age saying 23-she could pass for 23 but Diva escorts initially said 25 so she is at least 25. Anyway it doesn't matter really as she is young). She has long black hair and captivating eyes. She is 5ft6in (1.67m) tall (barefoot), slim/fit dress size 8, she has soft skin, nice arse and a nicely shaped, non-saggy pair of natural 34C boobs. The pictures are professional and photoshopped but are recent and pretty accurate – the only airbrushing used was skin retouching (her skin is good but they made it look cartoon perfect) but otherwise no digital nose jobs, lips augmentation, etc. The most accurate pictures (~92% accurate about her face and 95% about her body) are those with background being a kitchen and her wearing a housekeeper outfit (i.e. from the pics below the first and the third).

Friendly and polite with a laid-back attitude. Her English is fairly basic - currently A2/B1 (elementary/threshold) as that is defined by CEFR so don’t expect advanced discussions with her. Of course for an action packed 1hr this is hardly noticed. She is new to UK but not new to escorting – before coming here she used to escort in Germany and Spain (at least so she says…).

(A) Meeting arrangement: (positive)
This girl is advertising on many agencies-I personally chose to book her via Diva escorts. Booking arranged at short notice (45mins before the meeting). Everything very smooth and straightforward (as always with this and pretty much any other type A London escort agency).

(B) During the meeting: (positive)
Poppy greeted me wearing a nice outfit. After exchanging a few words and confirming DFK we sorted out the paperwork (read 1hr £150) and we started with a shared shower during which she teased me with a handjob. Shower finished and after this good appetiser back to the bed for the main course …

Services that I made use of: proper French kissing (with tongue), body kissing, protected vaginal sex in several positions, OWO, ball-licking/ball-sucking, cunnilingus, 69, COB, CIM, clit stroking, handjob, massage, shower together.

1. Very nice sensual proper French kissing with a lot of tongue (albeit not ultra-deep it was deep enough –most punters would classify it as DFK but nope it is proper French kissing; quite sensual - I liked it).
2. Fairly passionate, energetic and enthusiastic during sex in several positions (missionary, cowgirl, spoon, joggy, doggy and some of their variations). Quite intimate with her wrapping her legs around my waist, kissing my body, grinding on me and FK while fucking. Generally she appears to enjoy herself and participates quite well.
3. Fairly good OWO with ball licking (albeit not something mind-blowing it was very enjoyable and it was combined with a handjob as well)
4. CIM/COB available (I made use of both). She took it in the mouth nicely after a blowjob and kept going until she eventually went to the bathroom to spit it. I cannot comment about COF as I didn’t ask – my guess though it is that it is not offered but of course I may be wrong.
5. Does everything requested regarding positioning – no position is too much for her and didn't complain.
6. OK massage.
7. No time wasting tactics (I was the one who asked for the massage just to recover after round 1)
8. She didn’t rush me to cum. She took two rounds of prolonged and deep-hard penetration without complaints (actually seemed to like or ‘like’ it).
9. Together with my shower at the end I was inside her flat for a total of 65mins - she didn't rush me out nor usher me to the door. We also French kissed goodbye (despite being 5mins overtime).
10. Shower together at the beginning offered a nice touch.
11. She doesn’t take back to back bookings (although that might be entirely due to still be unknown and still not popular).
12. Immaculate clean (freshly showered and also showered again with me).
13. Nicely presented even with very little make-up (she doesn’t need it as she is naturally pretty)
14. Punctual (meeting started on time).

1. She fiddled with her phone once to change the song but I did notice that she also checked her messages. I am being really harsh here as I am talking about 20 seconds!
2. Although she didn't rush me she did point out the time once - 8mins from time. I was strongly thinking to extend the session for another 1hr - after that hint I decided against. It is these little things that annoy me– her loss as I would have most definitely extended (she didn't have a booking afterwards). But anyway fair enough and as I said and above together with my final shower and dressing up I ended up leaving 5 mins overtime with absolutely no rushing me out and we even French kissed goodbye.
3. No fingering (clit rubbing IS allowed -just not fingers inside her vagina).
4. No lapdancing.
5. No dirty talking but I didn't prompted it anyway as I enjoyed the sound of her moans (which sounded real or “real” btw)
6. Cowgirl could be better. It was fairly good but a bit amateurish like that of civvies. I enjoyed it though so fine.
7. No deepthroat. She didn't explicitly refuse it but it was quite obvious as she was reluctant to take it too deep when I pressed her head to go deeper. But I don’t care much about deepthroat – in fact its absence doesn't bother me at all.


Q. Do I recommend her? A. Yes. If you are someone who can easily afford paying £150ph without thinking that it is too much then Poppy (or Anelise/Abby/Adelayde/Anays if you prefer) is a very decent punt. I wouldn’t recommend her though to those working on a tight sub £100ph budget as I don't classify Poppy as a one-off bargain or superstar to recommend them going over-budget for a one-off treat. Anyway the choice is yours.
Q. Would I meet her again (going back in time)? A. Yes. Overall it was a quite positive experience. Service-wise I didn't get fireworks or anything mind-blowing but it was pretty good nonetheless. As far as I am personally concerned the overall package of physical appearance/available services/ service delivery/attitude/premises/location/availability/etc does worth £150ph and in my own book it was money well spent.
Q. Will I meet her again in the future? A. Possibly. Not very sure as I mainly focus on my regulars this year but definitely Poppy is from now on a very solid plan B whenever I decide adventuring to this well-known block of serviced apartments.

Attractiveness/Beauty: 8.6/10 (face score: 8.6/10; body score 8.5/10) – ratings are based on this scale and criteria
Patience & Politeness/Friendliness: 10/10
Willingness to please: 9.1/10
Energy: 8.6/10
Enthusiasm: 7.8/10
Participation: 9.2/10
Expression of enjoy: 9.0/10
Available services: 9.5/10
Quality of available services: 8.8/10
Hygiene Standard: 10/10
English level: 4.5/10
Location: 9.0/10
Premises: 8.0/10
Smoker status: Smoker (but quite fresh mouth taste as she uses mouthwash, also no smoke smell on her hair)
Tattoos: Two discrete ones (one sentence on the left side of her torso as per her pics and (IIRC) another smaller sentence on the right side of her right foot)
Piercings: None
Quality/price ratio: Fair

1. Adelayde, Abella escorts, 2. Abby, Dior escorts, 3. Poppy, Diva escorts , 4. Anays, Eternity girls, 5. Peachy escorts, Anelise

positive=4.5 or 5 stars, mostly positive=3.5 or 4 stars, mixed=2 or 3 stars, negative=0 or 1 stars
neutral=something that either doesn't bother me personally generally or didn't bother me at the time although it would be preferable if it were available or avoided (depending on the subject). It might be decisive for others though that is why is mentioned.

P.S: Her flatmate Pipa used to be on Adultwork as independent (verification picture here) and was negatively reviewed twice (1, 2) so if you are considering a duo think again. By the way the agency links in UrbanG’s review (e.g. this one) is now pointing a different girl – owing to the reassignment of the name "Nataly" to a new girl after the departure of “Pipa/Nataly” from that agency and the fact that the profile urls are name specific. On top secret escorts the url is www.topsecretescorts.co.uk/girl/nataly-2/. See? They say nataly-2 (i.e. second Nataly) but by mistake they still redirect https://www.topsecretescorts.co.uk/girl/nataly to the /nataly-2 page.  :hi:

Offline Malvolio

Thanks for the review Jason - that's another one for me to hopefully get round to at some point.

Offline monstar

Thanks for the review Jason - excellent as always.  :hi:

I like the new image depicting your meeting sequence of events, I must admit, a couple of them took me more than a few seconds to figure out!  :D

Offline infoseeker

Thanks for the review Jason  :hi:

I just wanted to say that I wished I punted in your area.
In my opinion your reviews are by far the most informative on UK Punting :thumbsup:

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Offline d00fer

Nice review, but have to ask where you got all of those positions images from?

Offline Puntsmith

Thanks for the review Jason. I will definitely have to book a session with this hottie!  Diva do seem to be a good and reliable agency.

Although I’ve never used Diva, I can vouch for Violetta : -


(the link doesn’t work on my PC for some reason?)
who I saw through Barracuda : -


£150 at the time, now £200 but she is offering £150/30 mins.
I fully understand the +/- 30% agency ‘take’ – it’s business but she prefers to have all her "junk comm’s" filtered and NOT run her own diary.
Genuine photo’s, pretty + cracking body, limited ‘Likes’, expensive, I know, and Romanian (for a long, long time) but I certainly enjoyed myself!

Offline Jason

Further agency links for Poppy/Anays/etc:
6. Poppy, Abby69 escort, 7. Anays, Admiral escorts, 8. Anays, Babylon girls, 9. Anays, London escort models, 10. Poppy, Mermaids of London , 11.  Desire, Diamond London escorts, 12. Anays, Penthouse angels, 13. Fatima, VIP Pleasure girls, 14. Anais, Premier Models, 15 Anelise, Satisfaction London, 16. Anais, Sexy London Girls

As I explain in this PuntingWiki page the vast majority of girls working for type A (as I call them) agencies do not belong to a single agency. Here is an extensive list of all type A agencies I am aware of and typically any agency girl is listed on 10-20 such agencies. On that page I will also write some notes about a few agencies commenting on their honesty/dishonesty and helpfulness but as far as making a booking is concerned they are all pretty much the same. For listing reviews of Type A agency girls I created this PuntingWiki page. Explanation of how to list your agency reviews on the list by yourself is given here.

:drinks: Good timing. The moment you posted about the scale I had just finished creating a PuntingWiki Page for it (see here). Btw I will soon release a second version which I have been preparing for some time now.

where you got all of those positions images from?
Most position images were taken from T-shirt printing websites and a few from sex position websites. I had to modify a few myself as well. The difficulty is creating a sufficiently large gallery of positions in the required format but after that it is easy. I may upload this gallery in the future so that others can use it as well if they wish.

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