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Author Topic: How do you personally use AdultWork? What methods do you use to find someone?  (Read 1241 times)

Offline anagoge

Haven't had any punting experience but been on AW for years now and just like looking. I REALLY want to do it, but my main concern is making sure that whoever I choose is real! Additionally, there just isn't much choice in Liverpool and of the choice there is, half just aren't what I'm looking for.

My own personal method of finding Hot List girls is to base my opinions solely on her verification photo. I tend to only search for girls "With verification" and "That I can see". It's amazing how awful some of them look compared to their public photos. I'm also sure that some of them don't actually realise that their verification photo is public.

What's your method for filtering?

Offline Quesadilla

Two methods depending how fussy you are.

If you're not particularly fussy - ie don't have really specific requirements - then just go to the UKP review section for your region, read all the positive reviews until you find one you like. Simples.

The longer version - start on AW, go to Search Members, create your search filters (sex, age, incall/outcall, likes/dislikes (ie exclude barebackers, include FK, OWO whatever is your thing), personally I mostly search those with pictures and with viewable ratings but up to you. 

I also then go to the proximity tab and put in my postcode and select a distance (for me 10 miles is normal but depends on your travel options). 

I do also sometimes filter by height on the "Interview" tab - fortunately I prefer petite women so under 5'4" works for me. Unfortunately you can't specify custom heights so it's a blunt tool.  Not much else on the Interview tab I find useful but YMMV.

Click search and that should find a bunch of girls that match (hopefully) - then you go through, check the pics to see if you like them, then copy their AW ID from their profile page into the UKP search window and see if anyone has reviewed them. 

The AW ID is displayed at the bottom of their profile page:
"Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2019595..."
or in the URL:

It can be a time-consuming process which is why I now mainly just read the UKP reviews and add to my HL when I find someone who fits my taste.  :hi:
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Offline RedKettle

I would just add to Q's post that the "saved search" function is useful once you have done all that.  You can then go back to it and see who has appeared since last time.  I have a saved search for each location I punt in.  If I find a possible then after checking on UKP I move to a HL for that location.

Add to blacklist the mingers and scammers so you get a workable number.

Some of your saved searches may become unusable because of all the scam profiles added - Leicester for example went through a period where around 10 a day were added to my search all with alerts on them! I gave up.

I watch the reviews here, if they get a positive I had them to my hotlist in AW for future ref by type ebony/local/VFM/anal etc... and then check my hotlists to see who  is available or i just fancy ringing that week... 

I've a couple of saved searches to catch folks coming into my area and generally only consider a girl if she has >3-4 AW feedbacks or has been positively reviewed on UKP. They go into by HL for future ref also.

If there is a negative on UKP or any other side, they get blacklisted in my AW.

So, whenever I want a punt, I go into AW, scan my hotlists and see who I fancy this week knowing a filter has already been applied..

My search on AW varies but starts with the area I want to punt in and if they have logged in the past week.

I usually order results by proximity but sometimes by rating. Rates normally set £1-£150/hr. Sometimes tick dress size 6-8 as I prefer smaller than 12 but you can filter out some good ones that fit the criteria, but haven't entered dress size. I have given up looking for a good indian wg now, but used to add the word indian to specific words rather than selecting asian in the ethnicity dropdown.

If I am looking for gfe I leave enjoys blank, if I want something more specific tick those boxes.

I nearly always start with AW and when I find a wg that interests me, then jump over to ukp and search her profile number.

Offline NelsonH

Here is what I do, in no particular order:

1. age over 28
2. must NOT have any spelling/grammar errors
3. must NOT charge extras
4. should not mention a partner/couple/bf
5. must have photos that show the stomach area
6. must respond in a timely manner to a polite email asking something thats NOT in the profile
7. profile text must read as if a girl wrote it NOT a bloke
8. ideally shows a phone number
9. ideally shows a face pic, of course I often "take a punt" on this
10. must have been on AW for a while, months not weeks
11. no barebackers - quite apart from the risks - this is often the sign of a fake
12 must be credible - 18 year-old "lookers" offering to BB for £80 - DONT THINK SO!

Just a 10 mile search from my postcode.  There aren't that many results to filter through TBH.

Offline cueball

This is my checklist

1) over 30 under 50
2) no more than £120 p/hour
3) must have credible feedback (ie genuine pro$$ie to genuine punter)
4) never punt with no feedback girls
5) cross reference girl to reviews/ prossie  blacklist on ukp
6) no barebackers (either skanks or bullshitters)
7) must have reasonable free pics (face pics not essential to me)
8) prefer English but not essential
9) phone number on profile good but not essential, but, quick email reply including phone required

I think that's it, nothing else comes to mind

Offline cueball

there just isn't much choice in Liverpool

I would've thought there was quite a good choice in Liverpool

Offline NelsonH

Notice how Cueballs list and my list are almost the same!

I also do the feedback cross-check thing but was too lazy to explain it.

Offline cueball

Notice how Cueballs list and my list are almost the same!

It's nothing special is it bud, it's just common sense ain't it

Offline Mansell

I use the same kind of method as has already been outlined.

BUT as your new to this, as I was a few months ago. I only saw girls who had been given a very good review on UKP in my local Area. That was a real result, only had great punts so far. Yes, I know I'm due a bad one  :( Read the reviews in your local area and you soon figure out who writes good reviews, then you know which ones to trust, rather than the occasional ones written by the WG's or Agencies. Worked for me and some great guys in my local area who have really helped.

Offline nigel4498

Just a 10 mile search from my postcode.  There aren't that many results to filter through TBH.
Same here, but sometimes extend the range to 25 miles if nothing interesting turns up.
Use the same method if I am in a different location, 10 mile post code search.

5. must have photos that show the stomach are
10. must have been on AW for a while, months not weeks
11. no barebackers - quite apart from the risks - this is often the sign of a fake
12. must be credible - 18 year-old "lookers" offering to BB for £80 - DONT THINK SO!
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You are extremely lucky to have found this forum before you dip your toe in. so to speak.
Just follow the advice given above and you will have a high degree of success I am sure.

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