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Author Topic: Milton Keynes - Posh-english-heather  (Read 2895 times)

1 review(s) for sexy-busty-blonde (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Hi Guys

For a long time she has been the top of my list
https://www.adultwork.com/1670153 and decided to visit her last weekend...

I have seen her on AW when she was working in London and she was charging around £200 per hour and she is back to annabellas in MK and paid £60 for 1/2 hour appointment and was hoping my big dream comes true....

After going into the room; she welcomed me and immediately undressed and asked me to take my clothes off...
OK!!! We did...
I was very disappointed when I saw her in the beginning as she looked a bit different than her photos...

we started kissing...

then we went to the bed and she started with a BJ and after 5-6 mins she managed to turn me on... despite all my efforts she was not really giving a good GFE (as I could not feel it)...

After having penetration in 4 different positions and appx 20 mins later and her putting extra lubricant gel on the condom; I still could not manage to come to that point to relief myself
Then she asked me whether if I want to cum in her mouth as time was ticking... another few minutes through penetration; I decided to relief myself with a turning back to the BJ position (by her) and CIM... As it has been already 30 mins by then....

I am not sure whether I am unfair but I wish I did not see her in the end of the session... she was the top of my list and my fantasies and ended up with a big disappointment in my punting experience. (even I came to a stage to get retired... no more punting and be a good man)   :D

I would much rather watching her photos and jerk off than having this disappointment... It was my dream to punt her.... ooooh deear.... what a shame....

OK here is very objective reviews:


1- Is she a posh english lady? - No she did not seem to be...
2- Does she have the same body in the photos - 80% of the photos are correct apart from
she seemed to be a bit bigger; she looked like she had a bit of work done like botox and fillers (hence not good at french kissing as she can hardly move her mouth)
3- Not well groomed... I dont know some people may like hairy woman but I dont, it turns me off to see underarm hairs or feeling stubbles on a woman's legs...
4- After eliminating that I am not getting a good french kiss; no passion with penetration as well as her shutting her eyes off through pretty much all the time,  I felt like I was on a blow up doll    :yahoo:
5- time watching -  yes she does but in her polite ways...

1- She seemed to have a nice personality and she is polite (tries to be)
2- Good at BJ; I have to admit...

Result: 3/10 (points are purely for the BJ)
Would I see her again: Highly unlikely and especially with London price of £200 definitely No

So my recommendation;
depending on your age and what you are looking for; it can turn out to be a good experience but it was not for me... I guess because of the great photos she has on her profile, I set my expectations quite high, hence was not 100% satisfied..



1 review(s) found for sexy-busty-blonde linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline NelsonH

Wow, thats quite a bashing you have given the girl.

I've been interested in her for a while.

Now I may have to TOFTT.

Like I said I guess I set my expectations quite high...
You may find her great but whatever you do just try to erase her aw profile in your head before the visit

well... she normally charges extra for CIM but I guess she realised the time after 20 mins penetration and 5-6mins BJ,  the time was almost up  :hi:

I am seriously considering to stop punting after her as was a big disappointment as she being the top of my list for a while...

I am thinking to try sexysandy1970xx wondered if she is any good?


I wondered if anyone tried her service?

Offline nigel4498

Think this should have been posted in the Review Section johnyboy.
Ask Admin and he will move it there for you.

Offline NelsonH

I had an interesting dialogue via PM which was initiated by someone called "Heather".

The details will stay private but two things happened afterwards:

1. "Heather" got banned

2. AW profile changed name but the number stayed the same.

Offline vt

If this is the MK Heather that is currently listed at Annabellas, she got all huffy on another forum when someone dared to question her attractiveness and whether she looked like her pics or not, here's some of her attitude that eventually got the thread locked...

I do have an attitude for tellling rude guys and guys who think bec they are paying me they can treat me how they want, they cant. Book a nineteen year if you think you can walk in and boss me around just bec you are paying. I wont be shy at telling you to go forth. So the comnent he made, sounds to me as though he is one I wasnt plyable with and looking at his description in attitude toward others too I am guessing he was brought up in a pen and He was one of those types. Otherwise you would say well not my type not great ect ect....fuck knows why he saw me he would have had to have choosen me.

She doesn't sound all that posh either!!   :unknown:

Offline NelsonH

The PM's I got were in exactly the same style.

So far away from a "posh English" girl that I doubted they were from the girl herself.

The dialog is hilarious and I was quite enjoying it until she got banned.

"Chloe Kisses" school of whoring. Needs to retire.

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