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Author Topic: Czech.mia  (Read 1072 times)

Offline Aramis

Hi all.
Has anyone had the pleasure?
Looks pretty hot and spoken once on the phone sounded polite and friendly.

Offline SirFrank

Looks amazing but feedback is mixed and photos look Very professional.
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Offline Aramis

I'm slow to judge based on comms at the mo : seeing as her negs are due to comms. Working on the basis that busty Sophie is pretty rubbish at comms but once you've managed to book her she is sublime.

So hopefully one of you lads can vouch for her company once booked.

Sophie is amazing once booked! Will be looking to see her again in a few weeks. I have been interested in Mia, but the lack of feedback/pictures always put me off.

Offline hunnieme

There has been a thread on here about her before, which she actually replied to. She admitted the photos were heavily photoshopped. At the time there were genuine pics of her-twice the size and far less attractive.

Offline PaintBrush

I tried to book this lady at the end of last year. A complete waste of time.
Her e-mail has an instant message reply, but there was never a actual reply.
Forget how many mails I semt.
Phone always went to voice mail. Left a number of messages, never a response.
Gave up.

I saw mia before. She is a nice girl for sure, but not such like the photos, nowhere near as hot unfortunately

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