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After a yearish since my last punt, I had been emailing Chloe for a little while, she tours with Aimee https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2793466

Who had been my first punt around 4 years ago, when I saw Aimee and Blonde Layla https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2587228
So even with limited photos on profile, I trusted she would be attractive based on my experience with those too (Layla being probably the most attractive girl I've ever seen)

We both had problems getting to hotel on time but comms were great throughout and we were able to arrange for 90 mins later than originally planed, no-ones fault just one of those things.

Opened the door and was greated by a pretty blonde with a lovely smile. £100 was for 1/2 hour but on checking my phone walking out I had stayed more like 50 mins - def no clock watching

She's around 5'4, perfect hight for me as I'm just under 6 foot and I love a girl looking up at me, not so into tall girls, lots of FK which I enjoyed, oral both ways which was great, good BJ and she tasted great, she has amazing nipples and boobs - they are enhanced but they are the best fake boobs I've ever seen, very convincing and still soft and fun to play with. Nice big nipples. She's tanned all over and has a bit of jiggle in her ass which I like.
One negative is she does have some stretch marks on stomach from having kids, but if you look past that everything else is great - i had her doing like model poses standing up and the rest of her body is pretty spectacular

Ended up with a facial but when warned I had been saving up she seemed a little nervous! So most went on her tits which I was still happy with.

All in all a great time had - she's very chatty and friendly and puts you at ease. It's more of a GFE experience that PSE, as a point of reference if you've seen goddess karolina this is far more kisses and cuddles than the very dominant experience she offers

All in all, if your looking for a GFE I would 100% recommended.

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