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Author Topic: India  (Read 14442 times)

Offline Jerboa

Struggling actress. She has done a few TV adverts in India, a small part in a Star One TV soap opera for about 6 months,  and a few newspaper ads. She is a very pretty girl and she is pretty good at what she does. Saying that though after my experience on Friday I have decided to call it a day with her.

She claims she is very selective about her client base (I am sure they all say that!  :sarcastic:) , but for me she has started to get a little too clingy for my liking. Aside from the fucking, I spent 7 hours with her and we fucked five times, she spends the rest of the time wanting her lips locked with mine. Alot of guys claim complain about the lack of DFK (and I do as well when it isnt given) but this was almost continual. No word of a lie, I was struggling to breathe at some points. For 7 hours she wanted her lips locked to mine.

Without my knowledge she took a picture of me, and put it in her phone's wallpaper and laughed when I freaked out. She wants to be my 'boyfriend' etc.......sorry with anything like this I want the relationship to be like a transaction. I pay money, you give me access, and then I walk away and move on with my life. No more, no less.

Onwards and upwards I suppose. Its hard to find a good reliable punt in India, and this she certainly was......but I didnt want her getting all 'girlfriendy' on me.

She sounds like a nutter, if she wants a boyfriend, tell her ok you won't pay another Rupee to her, see how quickly she likes that.

Offline Rifte

So had a fantastic punt with a girl in Mumbai a couple of days ago. The girl I used to see I didnt bother with again after she went nuts, and this one was recommended to me by another expat I met in a local bar.

I saw a few whatsapp pictures of her and she looked pretty tasty so I called her to my hotel. I am aware of bait and swtich in India, so I told her the hotel and decided to sit in the lobby and wait for her to come into the hotel and call me. My phone was on silent, if she was good looking I would respond, if not I would let her be on her way.

I responded.

As I think I have mentioned before you pay by the shot in India, and this was about (converted) 80 GBP per shot. I told her I would PAYG.

Her name was 'Archana' and up in the room she asked me what I wanted, I told her, and she literally tore at my clothes, lots of DFK, followed by sucking my cock and balls like a Dyson. It was honestly one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. One shot down I went for another.

The only issue I had with the sex was that this girl liked to scratch and bite! I still have a love bite on my shoulder from when she got carried away.

A fantastically tight pussy, and it didnt take me long to cum again.

I will be keeping this girls number on my phone for when I visit Mumbai again for sure.

Offline vish

Does anyone know of a massage parlour in Calcutta/Kolkata worth a visit?

Offline Marmalade

Does anyone know of a massage parlour in Calcutta/Kolkata worth a visit?
Nope. Only used Sonagachi. But they say that barbers often offer stuff in the backrooms.

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