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Author Topic: Sindybaby (Blood Splattering)  (Read 1503 times)

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Offline Lance

I feel ashamed to post this review but feel compelled to warn any potential suitors (highly unlikely). I have no one to blame but myself

I have a guilty pleasure for fat, cheap, ugly munters and i really fancied a fat arse sitting on my face with some DFK. This girl has had many accounts that i have seen over time and as i was in the area she fitted my requirement

Wont go into to much detail but i arrived at the location and the girl in question opened the door. Exactly the same as in the pictures. Handed over the money (£40 for 30mins) then began to undress. Started off with OWO which is very good then this is when it went down hill....

Asked Sindy for 69 for which she shook her head. I was confused and asked again, she would'nt give me a reason but said "no babe". Thought to myself will i even have sex. Sex is fine she said. So i said bend over, as she bent over i saw blood splatterings over her arse cheeks and legs. Obviously the bitch had just started to come off her period. I said to myself i had already paid so try and work with it. I entered but i pulled out after a couple strokes. He was immediately soft. Told her to just suck me off instead but again the sight of that blood had a real adverse affect. Told her to forget it, which she took immediate offence. "Is it me, have i done something wrong?" Nice lady so could bear to tell her.

All in all i was there no more than 10 mins. I've never left a punt so unfulfilled and mentally scarred before. It will be a long time before i can see myself punting again

Her profile seems to be taken down so here is another link from Viva Street


Sincere apologies

Online The_Don

Sincere apologies

Yes people can have issues but she knew it would be a problem "period"?

Then proceed to take bookings, as well as your money and fail to deliver.

As for being
  sure most punters have been there


Offline Hertsgent

Hopefully not committed to long term memory........

Offline Terry 7 incher

Yuck....!!! What a horrible encounter
Banning reason: Troll

Offline mrhappypants

Harrowing.  I had fishy smell with Luxury Scarlett - that took me a while to get over.  :vomit: Sorry to hear of your experience, thank you for sharing and better luck next time.  As Smiths might say don't leave it too long before you get back on the horse and pick a reliable one.


This happens a lot more than punters like to admit. Greedy prossies who don't take time off when flying the Japanese flag, often they insert a piece of sponge in the vagina to limit this and that's why I always like a nice finger check before proceeding into the unknown . To me it's a real health risk with blood in the equation and prossies that do it should be blacklisted unless it's part of the punters kink. All tastes are different, but her photos alone make me  :vomit:, and doubly so after your review. You will soon get over it and move to pastures fresher but maybe not thinner  :thumbsup:

Offline Confessor

That sounds horrible, you have my sympathies.

But it made me wonder if this was the reason why I had such a disappointing punt with sweet_Katrina? https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=47048.0

Perhaps she had the painters in but didn't want to turn me away? It explains why I wasn't allowed anywhere close to her pussy. But it doesn't, of course, excuse her for accepting my cash without telling me first.

I hope you get over this with a memorable (for good reasons) punt soon.

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