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Author Topic: Honeysuckall – Greenwich outcall  (Read 1441 times)

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Offline Hydrant

https://www.adultwork.com/2412827 or https://www.adultwork.com/Honeysuckall

Two-hour daytime outcall at my home in Greenwich on Tuesday, January 27, 2015: £200 all-in.


Initial comms were so delightful it was more like flirting with a new girlfriend. She couldn't make the original date I asked for because she was performing in a stage show but came to see me the morning after what seems to have been a triumphant first night.

The only negative to the whole experience was when Honey turned up 45 minutes late after taking a cab to my place and thereby relying on the Blackwall Tunnel in the daytime. I would have advised against this if she'd asked. But she kept me informed all the way and luckily I wasn't pressed for time.


Honey is so much more petite than I expected from her pictures (I'd failed to clock the 5ft 1in on her profile). She has the tiniest waist, lovely little tits, perfectly slender legs and the peachiest little bum it has ever been my pleasure to grab with both hands. She has a few tattoos but is not covered in them. The most prominent, on her left thigh, is a musical stave with the melody of a Jeff Buckley song which was important in her life.

I'd asked her to dress as glamorously as she could and when she took her coat off to reveal a clinging black velvet backless cocktail dress it was exactly the kind of sexy outfit I'd had in mind. This was complemented by black lacy knickers, stockings and suspenders and very high heels.

You can see exactly what she looks like on her profile because there are full face pics in both the public and private galleries. The private one is worth checking out, by the way. There's a whole teacher-and-schoolgirl hardcore porn shoot in there.

Physically, it's only fair to observe that Honey has not been blessed with a perfect complexion. But I didn't notice her well-concealed acne bumps until we were on the bed and she was harshly side-lit from the window. She still looked damned sexy.

She's Portuguese (genuinely so, not East European and pretending) and speaks perfect English with very little accent.

In terms of personality, what you feel from the start is warmth and intelligence. Once you move on from conversation to action you also feel huge passion, enthusiasm and an enormous capacity to give and receive sexual pleasure.


To the best of my memory it went like this. Deep French kissing, intimate caressing and cuddling, thrillingly deep oral (uncovered), 69, anal play, CIM and swallow (with a little bit of snowballing).

After a break I made a long, slow and gentle attempt at fisting her little pussy (achieving four fingers in the end) and this was followed by more deep throat, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggy, missionary and finishing with a splash on to her tits.


When I was searching Adultwork before this booking my starting point was "receives fisting" because this turns me on so much. You can ignore any no-feedback young East Europeans claiming to offer this service. But Honey's whole profile seemed genuine and she confirmed it was available.

So after my first pop into her mouth and a little rest we gave it a really good try. Though various lubricants were on hand, Honey got so wet they weren't needed. In the end, however, it was impossible to achieve full fisting of such a petite little lady with my big bass-playing hand. Four fingers went in, but three felt more comfortable for us both and in frenzied combination with my tongue and her fingers on her clit that's what brought her to a very noisy climax. I've only ever found one girl I fancied who could take my whole hand, thumb included. That was many years ago and I'm still looking for another one.

I must also single out Honey's deep-throat oral technique. With my whole length in her throat she managed to squeeze and massage me in a way that gave me the most exquisite oral pleasure I have ever known.

As well as sexual athletics, the whole two hours flowed with good humour, kissing and cuddling, conversation ranging far and wide and her appreciation of my background music. She recognised John Martyn's May You Never and that led on to a discussion about the tragic life of Nick Drake too.

I almost persuaded Honey to finish off our time together with a flying visit to a new sex cinema that's opened near me (I've put a link to an article about it at the foot of this review).

She initially found the idea of performing in public quite horny (as did I) but in the end she didn't fancy the idea of random men trying to touch her and more. I'm sure it would have been OK (most guys are polite to a fault in these situations) but that was that and we parted with a tender kiss at the station.

Take it from me boys, Honey is one of the good ones. One of the very best in fact.

Vice.com article about Club 487: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/londons-last-sex-cinema-is-back-from-the-dead-822
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8 review(s) found for Carmo_Lis linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Zeusthedoc

Thanks for the review.

duly added to the HL!

Great review Hydrant :thumbsup:

Saw Poppy twice last year in a short space of time and had two great punts.

She is a great girl and that arse of hers is one of the world's wonders.


Offline Andre 3000

She's been on my hotlist for a while but any lady that can happily chat about Nick Drake would certainly shoot to the top of my must sees and she sounds like a great shag as well.  :drinks:

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