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    Author Topic: Website makeover for the Studio, Birmingham.  (Read 598 times)

    Offline Juankerr

    Just noticed that the Studio have finally updated their website ( still no rota though )

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Have not been in a long while but I may now have a couple of reason's to return!!

    Offline Juankerr

    Well blow me!!  :D  I just had a look at the Blue Ice website and that appear's to be in the process of getting an upgrade too!! ( no info as yet )

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] This link isn't working at present , I guess due to the new website construction?

    Isn't it amazing that some new competition in the shape of the Pleasure Dome has seemingly lit a fuse for the other parlour's in the area.
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    Offline Juankerr

    Manyana website has also been spruced up!!

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Also noticed there are no price's mentioned on this site nor on the studio's site.
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    Offline denneboom

    I don't think the Blue Ice page is finished yet, It has less useful content than the old one, No rota, No staff roster.

    I may well be visiting in the next couple of days so I will provide an update.

    Every morning Manyana (@Manyanaladies) sends a tweet out with a list of who's working. So simple yet so useful.

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