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Author Topic: Good blowjob in Brum city centre?  (Read 3501 times)

Offline Denholm

Any recommendations for ladies with an incall location in Birmingham city centre who give good head? Looking to arrange a cheeky after work punt.

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Offline Dodo

Jenny, but get booked in quick. She retires next Tuesday but her oral is the stuff of legends . :P
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Offline gharghar

just out of interest did you go with any of the above?
i keep on being attracted to becca's profile ...

Offline Denholm

No, not on this occassion. I've seen Jenny in the past though and she gives a good service. No idea about Becca I'm afraid

Offline booby

Becca uses a lot of photos that aren't actually her. The big pic there is bettie pumpkin.

Offline Topgun

Bella from passionvip has given me the best blowjob of all time (60 women?) - with a condom. I tried paying extra for OWO but she wouldn't have it.
Blowjobs with a condom don't do much for me, but she was awesome with it. Otherwise I always go for OWO.

She won't do OWO yet she licked and sucked my balls for what seemed like ages... was so nice.
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