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Author Topic: _Sexy_Amy_  (Read 2731 times)

4 review(s) for _Sexy_Amy_ (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Thought I'd try an EE for a change but avoid the known bad ones!
Amy has been on my radar for about a year but never got to see her.

Anyway, the review...

Comms - 9/10 Amy responded to both phone call & text, her English though not perfect was good enough to get me to the door at an agreed time and for an agreed rate.

Location - 7/10 Based in Roath just up from "The Rec", parking was easy enough but beware of the residents only spaces. The flat itself was realy modern & nice although a bit small - I guess the drawback for me was that it was a communal front door to other flats / bedsits so you don't know who you'll meet on the way in or way out. As I said the flat was clean modern, bathroom was nice and new as well which was a surprise when you step through the from door into the communal area.

Amy - Face 9/10 - very pretty you won't be disappointed, Body 9/10 Amy is small but perfectly formed if you like the young nubile look then she is the girl for you. Her age on AW is 20 and I think that is spot on. Personality 8/10 - English is not great but she is a really nice girl and friendly.

Service - Started off with some DFK and fondling, as Amy undressed me then herself [ she had one of those bodycon dresses and nothing underneath which suited her figure just fine ]. Onto the bed for some more foreplay, she let me play with her pussy and finger her then OWO [ tongue stud came into play her - lots of eye contact as well ]and sex in three positions before I came inside her doggy style. She made a bit of noise as we were fucking which didn't seem to be put on - I certainly couldn't tell if she was faking it or not which was good enough for me!

Anyway, after that - quick shower dressed and on my way. I had a chat with Amy as well and she is a very personable girl - not like many of the EE girls I've encountered.

4 review(s) found for _Sexy_Amy_ linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline ledley

I've been eyeing her up for a while. Thanks for the review.

glad to hear her face is nice, as it is covered in the photos.

Fucked her quite a lot back in 2009.. all three holes fully tested and passed with flying colours.. first time I rumbled her backside she just handed me the baby oil so loosened her up with a good fingering up there.. good clean bum.. she was my fave then.. initial comms when I first met her was through google translate but was fine.. seen her about a year ago on her return twice.. she vanished in 2010.. got pregnant and had a kid.. c section.. scar visible but very nicely done.. her tits have gone a bit mushy and no longer firm just as her butt.. but she is a lovely girl and delivers with enthusiasm.. she finishes a bit early for me so not seen her since.. age is about 26 I would say as she was 23.. or 22 back then..
If someone tells me how to upload a pic of her back then let me know..

Oh.. and I bumped into her in Tesco's last week.. she was bent over picking up her shopping.. I did have a vision of wanting to stick it in her again.. she looked very nice..

Offline ledley

if you have the photo saved as a url, you click on the pic icon tab on ukp message screen and copy and paste the url in between the fields that come up.

The girl I saw did not have a C section scar.

I remember an Amy a few years back who worked in Cathedral Road and then down the bay, the girl I saw was similar but NOT the same one

Offline aardvark

The girl I saw did not have a C section scar.
Did she have mushy tits??

Does anybody know if she does anal and whether she charges
Etc? I've emailed her on AW twice but no reply

The girl I saw did not have a C section scar.

I remember an Amy a few years back who worked in Cathedral Road and then down the bay, the girl I saw was similar but NOT the same one

I thought this was the same Amy. If she'e a different girl I may have to pay her a visit.

Oscar.. take a closer look.. it is her.. I seen her last week in Tesco.. she went indy a while back.. she worked from WQ back then.. then in her return about a year ago.. or just over she was in the Golate flats before moving back to WQ.. now she is indy.  And barely 5 minutes from where I live.. I fucked her enough to recognise her bent over picking up shopping bags.. she did have a baby.. she showed me pictures.. and she did have a c section.. but like I  said.. cracking job. . It's barely noticeable.. if I am wrong I will pay for your next punt.  :rolleyes:

She does anal.. 40 bucks to slam that little butt..

Okay, I stand corrected.

It must be a very good job as you say - not a polish state job!

I had s chat with her and she said she'd only been in the UK 8 months - but I guess she wouldn't be the first WG to stretch the truth a bit !

Offline ShyWolf

saw Amy a few weeks ago top class service.
not afraid of OWO and very pretty when i went I loved how she nibble on my ballsack after to get me to cum
great price for the service and heard some say she has done CIM but when i viseted ended up cuming over my stomach while finished myself off while she squeezed my balls

Also looked on AW today and there seems to be about 15 new profiles of new girls in cardiff area.

Offline fick87

I have seen Amy rather recently. She lives in a flat of houses in Roath as stated. I must admit it looked a bit dodgy from the outside the window was cracked. As i walked in the communal area for the flat also looked dodgy as it seemed quite dirty but i guess if you have lots of people living there one could expect that. However, Amy's flat was nice and clean, i only managed to see the client room and not the bathroom. Communication was good for arranging the meeting, i did stand outside for 5 mins by the flat, which i was a little conscious of on a busy road. But that is a minor quibble.

Facially i would say she was pretty enough, i expected better considering the positive reviews she has got and i don't have that high standards.she isn't striking looking. Lovely sparkly eyes though which is important.

However, her body is ridiculously nice in my eyes. If she has had a kid, wow she has recovered well. Very harsh statements about her boobs, i thought they were amazing , particularly i think because she is so petit. Her body is definitely what would bring me back to her.

personality: I found her very welcoming and lovely, her english isn't amazing but certainly fluent enough, much better than my polish. She seems very relaxed and pleasant.

service: I did ask for DFK in texts and it wasn't given, she said it depends on hygiene more than anything so i made sure i was smelling good and clean but still no DFK. I only had a 30min session and it was my first time so maybe its because of that. I should have inquired more thoroughly about it but that's lack of experience on my part. Althouugh if she does cum in mouth i dont know i want to DFK now.lol. It was a really nice relaxing time, definitely not generous on time i would say i felt i had another 5 minutes left personally depends how much you count the introductions and stuff but i wasn't that bothered as i had finished anyway and was tired.

I sort of hope Amy does not do CIM as that is as bad as barebacking as sperm does contain the HIV virus and any slight abrasions in her mouth would make it more easily to  contract something.

extras: she said it costs £10 extra to do reverse oral in a 30min session.

All in all a really good experience and she is defintely worth trying to keep around especially with all the barebacking Romanians out here, although i think they think its the thing to say.

8/10 from me.

when I saw her reverse Oral was not an extra...

extras: she said it costs £10 extra to do reverse oral in a 30min session.

If she has started charging this as an extra it will probably stop me going back again.

Anyone else had this charged as an extra?

The only extra I've ever known her to charge is anal at £40.

Thinking about a visit but unsure of the short hair in the pics. i like girly girls with curves anf long hair

 Yes, visited her thrice. On my 3rd visit she explaining me her rules and regulation like a  stranger.

Offline fick87

was the yes to the charge for reverse oral sky hunter, i presume it was? i thought it was strange as i thought reverse oral was more a favour to her than to me. I guess me trying to make them enjoy themselves is a pointless task.lol. I am thinking of going back hoping that on more meetings things will get a bit more natural but i am not an experience punter at all so this also may be a pointless task. I think you definitely have to have the right mindset seeing these girls. She is a low price relatively, i would expect more from the 100 pound an hour for 30 mins as far remembering me but maybe not the 60 pounders.

Hi fick
Yes means she asked me 10 quid for RO, I believe if they have more business on the day, they will upset our little fella by asking more money.

Offline HughJardon

A good fuck in my opinion both Amy & Olivia, your not going to go home after and lament on them like youd just banged Blake Lively but a good service level all round

Offline ShyWolf

I'd like to say she is one of my favourites as I don't find there is a good selection of WG in Cardiff.
and I defiantly have a thing for petite blondes

Thinking about a visit but unsure of the short hair in the pics. i like girly girls with curves anf long hair

Sharpshooter, if those are your preferences I recommend that you try out Amy's friend, Olivia, working from the same place. Reviews on this site to help you decide.

Offline dzbou

not sure what happen to her profile, but here is the new link https://www.adultwork.com/2974365

8 review(s) found for _Sexy__Amy_ linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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