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Author Topic: Oriental girl in Leicester  (Read 728 times)

« Last Edit: January 29, 2015, 01:44:23 AM by garycopper »

Offline CoolTiger

Both profiles have a large number of hits when you google their mobile number, including different names for the girls, and different cities.

Thanks mate.

Apologies for being naive,  I'm really new to this. Are they fake and  should be avoided?

Offline CoolTiger

Not necessarily. Their numbers have been flogged to death, suggesting that pimps are promoting them form city to city, abd when the girls move on, they simply change the name to a new girl, using the same number.

If planning to see them, ensure you confirm services required when booking and also when you have turned up. Be prepared to walk away if it turns out to be bait & switch.

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