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Author Topic: sarah_edinburgh_xx  (Read 998 times)

Anyone seen this girl (link below)


Pics seem OK although not much given away.

Anyone has any experience with her that you can share?


Excuse this being a first post but I've seen her so I thought I'd reply rather than lurk.

I seen her in November. Nice friendly girl, not recent pics though as she's had a baby since they were taken but still a great figure.

My only issue was, it was all a bit robotic. "What would you like next" etc.

Only brought one condom and wouldn't do owo so I had to choose what I'd like.

Ended up a little disappointed.

If you want to pm me I can forward a link to face pics.


Offline loser

115 years old?
Better get in there quick before the grim reaper does!
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Offline Marmalade

From the profile pics I really couldn't say that I would expect to find her very attractive  :rolleyes:
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