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Author Topic: 1XX Penarth Road  (Read 687 times)

Didn't want to give the full address in Cardiff but for those who'd been there would know the rest of the number of the house, anyone been there lately? Lots of different working girls I had out of that place, had the best Japanese girl EVER from that place and some very good and very bad EE girls

Offline HughJardon

I thought this place was an oil change venue with loads of moody ee types, havent sum been burnt here tho, be nice to find a half decent parlour and a bit of variety away from 1st choice and abergayles etc

I remember my worst ever punt there, I said, 'Is that the way out?' and pointed to the bedroom Window

Hi guys, I feel I'm missing out!
Is there a link or can someone pm me please?
Especially any decent girls.
Thanks in advance

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