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Author Topic: SweetGabix - Leeds  (Read 1014 times)

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Tony Montana


Location : Leeds LS1

£120 for 1 hour

https://www.adultwork.com/2520353 or https://www.adultwork.com/SweetGabix

After reading another review of Gabi which compared her favourably to SweetCandii and Tiffany For Fun, I decided to check her out myself.  A girl would have to be pretty special to equal Tiff’s value for money but the reviewer assured me I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Initial impressions of her AW profile were questionable, as she is Polish, a nationality with variable quality, and some of the pics were taken from elsewhere but it turns out that these pics are a very good representation of the girl.

Comms were good, with a booking made via adultwork and the postcode provided with an instruction to call her when I get there to get the apartment number.  Her place was about 10 minutes East of the railway station in a modern block of apartments.  When I called she gave me good directions including the apartment number.

I quietly tapped on her door and was met by a beautiful tall slim young woman with a smile that could light up Leeds.  She was dressed in a skin tight black dress with classy lingerie underneath.  Gabi confirmed how long I wanted to stay, which I took as the prompt to hand over the gash-cash (which she left to stash).

When she returned she started to kiss me and this was some the the best DFK I have encountered.  She kissed like she has been reunited with a long lost lover as we gradually undressed and laid on the bed.  With more kissing and smiling and smiling and kissing she moved down my body and gave me some very good OWO until i was ready for the condom to be applied.  We started with cowgirl and her boobs jiggled in perfect time to the rhythm but I wanted more kissing so I beckoned her to lean forward so we could kiss while she rode me.  Her lips were against mine, but both our mouths open so we were continually re-breathing each other's exhalation.  I imagine it was kind of tantric sex as we were so close with our mouths touching that each breath had less and less oxygen so perhaps we got into a state of erotic asphyxiation.  I exploded into her in a state of exquisite euphoric ecstasy and then lay wide-eyed and literally shocked that my own nether regions could produce such an incredible feeling with, of course, the assistance of this  stunning girl smiling at me.  I’m not sure how many times I said “Wow!” but it was all I could say for several minutes.

I then started to kiss her boobs and nipples and moved down to her shaved pussy.  I inserted a finger into her moist hole and massaged her g-spot while sucking and stroking her clit.  After about 10 minutes she reached a noisy climax and I’ve never been so sure of a genuine orgasm due to the red flush of her chest and her hyper sensitivity afterwards. When I gently brushed my fingers against her clit she almost leapt off the bed.

Now it was my turn again, she applied a condom and we fucked in missionary with her legs up and doggie with her head down but cum #2 wasn’t going to happen with a condom on, so it was peeled off and we returned to OWO.  She does not do CIM so she asked me to warn her when I was about to unleashed the baby gravy.  But unfortunately, my general post-Xmas lack of fitness and tiredness got the better of me and I couldn’t even finish by giving myself a hand while she snogged my face off.

Throughout the hour Gabi was smiley, friendly, warm and affectionate. I couldn’t ask for anything more and I highly recommend her, but be quick, she is leaving Leeds at the end of the month, hopefully returning at some point in the future.

5 review(s) found for SweetGabix linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline bod666

Damn Lex i now feel like such a selfish bastard - in 3 visits to Gabi i haven't given her an orgasm once!  I'll have to try to rectify my selfish me me me ways when she returns (if she returns  :cry:)

Tony Montana

Now that I've come down from my post punt high I can add one minor negative about the meet.  She had the radio on the whole time on a talk station so I was involuntarily listening to some program about lack of access for disabled people during the punt.  I'd much rather hear a mixtape of sexy tunes.

Offline bod666

Good point. First time i saw her she was playing tunes on her phone which led to some really sexy horizontal "dancing" - that girl can really move her hips. That was awesome. Next time she had the radio with some random grandad rock and folk on (not sexy). Then probably same night as you it was radio leeds with people chuntering away. She apologised to me about the radio but said she didn't know any good stations.
I'm with you that tunes would be way better

hahahah now when you guys say it i think there was some chatter on my punt as well, but only once did i notice...just a testimony of how good she is :D

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