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Author Topic: Please, help! Issue with FM Couple and with feedback required.  (Read 391 times)

Hi there. I'n new in the place. I'm having a serious problem trying to book a girl who could deal with a couple, as I want to visit a WG with female company. So, I need a real bi-courious or an utter bisexual pro.

The problem is double.

For the first, some girls put in their profiles that they deal with FM couples, but after consulting for the price through AW they come out with things like that:

hey sorry
no. just 1person come up. only men.xxx

On the other hand, some girls don't deny me that service (they say it's ok), but they ask me for some feedback in the site.  :dash:

The thing is: How damn can I have feedback if you don't receive me? Have I to make a full career as a punter in the UK to be able to fuck the girls I choose?

Some solution? Some tip? Does anybody know I nice pro who do that service and doesn't entail feedback in AW?

Thanks beforehand, and excuse me because my broken english. I'm from Spain and I just spent a few months in London.

Gracias, amigos.

Offline StevenS

1) keep hunting for one that will see you with no feedback

2) find a cheap girl to have a 30 min punt with to get some feedback.

Thanks, Stevens, I appreciate that,... but:

1. "Keep hunting" is exactly what I'm doing. It's precisely because of that (apart of reading and search in AW) I'm asking in a forum with more than half million posts. Even so, thanks for the advice. After all, writing and asking here is a way of keeping hunting, as you know, helped by people who don't want your money.

2. "Find a cheap girl" is, to be honest, to pay for feedback, and i agree to pay for sex, but no for feedback. If I don't find another solution, i'll do it, but i'm here to avoid paying for something I don't want to do.

So, I need that cheap bisexual girl to make my threesome, who does not ask for feedback. I seeked in the forum, using search, and I didn't find nothing about that.

Can you guide me with something less obvious than "keep hunting"?

Gracias, amigo.
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A few names mentioned in here


Thanks a lot, Fred. I'm going to read the thread immediately. Excuse my lack of skills using the search tool. I will let you know if my problem is solved. Gracias, amigo.

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