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Author Topic: Redhotsuzie  (Read 1755 times)

Offline Diehard


Anyone seen the above or got any info on her?

Looks suspect to me

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Rule number 1. Always be cautious of a messy WG. She looks good but her house looks a little messy.

Offline splodger69

Saw her yesterday, place is a tip, smashed front (back) door, above a shop, the punt was not good either, she has bruises - I think she was on something too. I had tried to arrange a meet with her previously, after 1.5 of hours keeping me waiting with various excuses, I walked from that... won't see her again.  :thumbsdown:

Offline Turtle Z

The shit hole she lives or works in tells me everything I need to know about her; not least of which is a complete lack of self awareness. I suspect that she'll need to use a rotovator rather than a hoover the next time she thinks to clean the place.

Offline bestpunt

No mate 100% genuine seen her for years
Super service you won't regret

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