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https://www.adultwork.com/2112329 or https://www.adultwork.com/LIVIA%5FESCORT

After having some less than successful punts or more  the arranging of same lately  I decided to go pussy hunting and also needed a lady to try out some experiments with Viagra dosage, so a suitable guinea piggy lady was required;). Its OK, no WG's were harmed in the testing of these drugs, given a hammering maybe, but otherwise unharmed!.

A quick phone around revealed that most lady's must have been very busy as none of them bothered to answer their phones or reply to texts that were asked for in "Txt me bby"  replies. After dispensing with what now seems a large number of barebackers in operation that left very few possibles available but Livia looked a suitable candidate and was available that evening as required.

However her website could do with a bit of updating as some others have remarked shes a  claimed couple of minutes from  the station but shes not there anymore, more like a couple of miles from said station shes now located in a decent block of flats on the south side of the city.

All arranged and ready to go was text-ed with the required info and she was available right on time, easy parking in the local streets. She is a bit smaller than I imagined but is very pretty and there's not a bit of spare fat anywhere, well fit!. Her pictures are a tad confusing as the older ones make her look different to what she is now, I'd rate her better in the flesh. Was asked what I'd like to drink and handed over the fee, she just put it by. I said wouldn't you like to check it to which she replied "I'll trust you", rather nice:)

Had a decent back massage and quite a chat, her English is reasonable she wasn't trying to pass the time chatting but rather seemed interested in what I wanted etc and living in Cambridge and the U.K Anyway onto the gritty and as others have remarked she is a bit slow to get going but when she does she is bloody good at what she does, very energetic, very tight and is very involved and has a very positive and pleasant attitude which is way above the usual local "competition"

Had a long session of DATY and face sitting with her looking down at me and making appreciative noises, decent hooters enhanced but fine otherwise. Good shag in most usual positions and finished off with a very well done hand job at my request. Cleaned up and a few very affectionate hugs  followed, a nice touch.

No clock watching in progress and ran a bit overtime

Only problem is after that put my poor old back out a bit which i thought might be due to the "Blues", but hey!, I'm not complaining;-)

Very recommended lady:-)
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6 review(s) found for LIVIA_ESCORT linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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