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    London is not usually my haunt as I live in the West Country, but punt in Manchester at weekends (well travelled!) but I had a spare Saturday, and Stacy's green "available today" light was on, so I gave her a call and we arranged 7pm. Still time to get me home for Match of the Day afterwards.

    She is located in a nice apartment block in West Kensington, good directions, easy to find. Close to the tube station, but I parked close and fed cash into a greedy meter.

    She is just as per the photos, thirty something, well tidy. She is chatty and friendly, with excellent English. And a good sense of humour.

    One thing to watch out for, changing in the bathroom for the pre-punt shower, DONT let your bare bum touch the towel rail. Its fucking hot  :thumbsdown: I yelped, and we had a laugh about it, and I put the shower straight on cold to cool the area down. No permanent damage.

    DEEP French kissing from the off, more with the tongue than the lips, I felt as though she was searching for my lunch, but still very very nice all the same  :)
    Stacy provided all the usual things I like, DFK, RO-twice -Greedy girl! and a good long shagging session in various positions. Doggie being her favourite, and she has a really nice arse to do it from behind.
    I had punted myself to the hilt the previous evening in Manchester, so it was one of those days when little willy was not going to come with his rubber hat on, so a hand finish was applied to produce the goods. Stacy decided to play with herself at the same time which was a bonus.

    All in all, a really good session, with a gorgeous, shapely, horny, up for it woman. Not a clock watcher, she leaves good time in-between clients,
    and we went a smidge over the hour to finish RO on her for the second time. Not a faker either, as she definitely twitched as she came.
    Fantastic value for £100
    £99.99 better than my last punt reported on here! https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=46637.msg613735#msg613735 

    I will definitely return. 

    Offline The_Don

    Thanks for the review.

    Stacy a good punt

    I will definitely return. 


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