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Author Topic: Is this a genuine profile? Francesca from LMP (Lady Marmalade Parties)  (Read 485 times)

Offline Nicholas

Saw this profile just now and am wondering if anyone else has seen this girl. The pictures on this profile are of Francesca who used to work at LMP (not sure if she still does). She was there for a number of years and was easily one of the best fucks.


The main profile picture is the same one that was used on the old LMP site. Has anyone seen this girl and can they verify if it really is Francesca?
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Offline drwho

Good spot, and good question.

Enjoyed a couple of goes with Francesca at Westminster LMP in summer 2013. She disappeared off the roster soon after. Fun girl and Interesting to talk to about her past in Paraguay.
I liked her a lot, but she is no spring chicken in the flesh...not that it was a concern to me, but worth pointing out.

Also wondered if she actually turns up on a Sunday to Honeys of Cheam....?


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