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Author Topic: Joy 4U  (Read 814 times)

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I'm not a seasoned punter and this is my first review. I'm also more into the kinky side of stuff - bit of bondage, sub/dom services. Have seen loads of pro dommes & subs but a) they're expensive and b) I'm not into the whole 'dungeon' thing. So I've been visiting WGs that say they do 'domination' with mixed results.

I went to see Joy on that basis - and because her place is near to mine. Didn't take along any of my gear, assumed she'd have her own.

Well - I could tell from the minute she walked in that the domme thing wasn't really going to work, she was rather bemused and didn't have more than one long piece of rope. But it didn't matter because as soon as we started chatting we started laughing a bit and I decided I'd rather just have a gentle vanilla session. As I say, I'm not a seasoned 'straight' punter but I had a really good time. She was friendly, chatty, sexy, nice DFK, lovely tits. Bit of a belly but not too much and I rather liked it. Shaven, *very* sweet tasting. Gave me a great OWO and CIM.

I guess she's a bit older and a bit plumper than her photos but I thought she was great.

I'm going back :-)

5 review(s) found for JOY 4U linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

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