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Author Topic: LovelyBrigita - Coventry  (Read 1584 times)

5 review(s) for LovelyBrigita (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I suspect that I'm going to get a rep for being a bit harsh with reviews because overall this wasn't a bad experience.  I've had much worse, but never from a Czech girl.  The neg is mainly because of being messed about during the punt.

https://www.adultwork.com/2669091 or https://www.adultwork.com/LovelyBrigita

£70, 1 hour.

Comms 10/10
Called to book a day before.  Address texted back immediately.  Texted in the morning to confirm then called when I was outside and given very clear instructions on where to go and how to obtain entry.

Place: 10/10
Busty Demi's flat on Lower Ford St. Clean and tidy, big bed, en-suite shower.

Girl: 8/10
Just how I like em. Petite (5ft is about right) but curvy with nice sized natural tits, big nipples and a beautiful round arse.  Hourglass figure. One small tat that I saw and a pierced clit.  Long black hair.  Facially not as young as her shopped profile pics.  I'd say late twenties min.  Bit of a gap toothed smile but still very pretty IMO.

Excellent attitude. Disarmingly attentive and friendly throughout.
Fucks like a little dynamo. Lots of positions.  Seems to really get into it and rubs her clit.
OW technique is very good.
Not a clock watcher.

OWO an extra £30.  Except it's not actually OWO, at least not how I understand it (see below).
Light, lips only, kissing. No FK at all on the first meet.  Then when she "knows" you, it's an extra £20
Intelligent, but plays stupid when it suits.


My instincts let me down on this girl. I caught enough positive vibes on here about her that I thought I was on to a winner.

I would have to say that some of my dissapointment is of my own making.  e.g. not asking the meaning of "at discretion" over the phone.

So.  She opened the door, very smiley and pleasant.  We sit on the bed and I ask about FK & OWO.  No FK until she knows better and then an extra £20 (incentive to return. NOT).  OWO is £30 extra and I have to shower first.  At this point I'm ready to walk and probably should have.  If not for the consumption of a little blue pill, the effects of which I could already feel, I would have.

To digress a little. Punts with unknown girls used to intimidate me.  I've had this kind of treatment prior to V and I just couldn't get hard.  I need some intimacy (FK min, OWO if poss) to get hard and dispell nerves.  Sometimes even then the little fella has let me down if the girls attitude is off.  So these days, all my new punts feel the power of V.  Then I don't have to worry about it.  Thus empowered, I feel more confident and am less worried about killing the "vibe" by complaining about a shit service.

On with the story.  I queried her interpretation of the word "discretion", ran into a convienient language barrier and gave up.  Throughout she's maintaining her sweet-as-pie attitude with little neck kisses and touching.  She is charming and sexy and in spite of my reservations I finally decide that even paying extra for OWO would still be reasonable value.  Except that I'm a bit pissed at the extras not being on her profile and tell her so, then offer her £20.  She considers for a moment then smiles her biggest smile and says £25.  At this point I crack up, a WG who gives change..  Got to admire her brass neck though.

So paid her the £95 and had a quick shower.

After getting dry I came back in and stood behind her slowly undressing her while kissing her neck.  She turns around so I can suck on her lovely tits, I push her back on to the bed and move down for some RO.  She politely stops me.  No RO, although I can lick her arse if I want.  Well I was going to anyway, but turning down RO??  I've since noticed it's not actually on her list, so my own fault really.   Anyway, I rim her for a while which she seems to like.  Then I stand up and indicate that I'm ready for my OWO.

She spends a while kissing my balls and kissing up and down each side of my shaft, it's nice.  Lots of eye contact which i also like, but then I notice that she is avoiding any contact with my knob.  I try to manoeuvre it into her mouth, she stops me, looks up and says "No".  WTF??  Apparently her interpretation of OWO doesn't include actually sucking my cock!?!  I'm a little stunned at her cheek.   She continues for about 10 sec while I digest what she just said.  Then I stop her and point out that i paid extra precisely so she would suck my cock.  Shes not budging.  Apparently Oral Without doesn't mean a BJ.

It's a stalemate.  Ok, I say, as you won't do OWO, how about I pay another 25 and we do anal instead.  (I know, I know, but my dick was totally in control at this point.)  She said anal is £50 not £25.  Playing thick it would seem after just arguing semantics.  I persist, "I've already paid £25 for OWO which you won't now do. So another £25, making £50 for anal."  When she realised I wasn't giving up, she gave me the 25 back (FFS) and we put a condom on and gave me OW.

From this point on the session proceeded as many others do.  Her OW was actually very good. She nearly popped me in the condom.  I stopped her though and had sex in doggy and mish.  Still no FK.  First pop.

She cleaned me up and we chatted for a few minutes while I waited for that feeling of not wanting sex which follows, to subside.

She offered me a massage.  I said I wanted more sex.  No problem.  Getting hard wasn't an issue as my little blue pill had stopped it going soft in the first place.

More OW  followed by more positions than I can remember.  We fucked hard and she seemed to love it.  Even spontaneously playing with her clit when she could.

Second pop at was about 5 minutes before time, but she offered me a shower and didn't rush me out.  So no clock watching.  She is a cracking fuck despite all the messing about.


Really nice girl who unfortunately tries to take advantage.  She needs to be honest and put all her extras and caveats on her profile and not mess people about during a meet.

VFM? I suppose it was.  An hour of enthusiastic fucking with a sexy girl who just needs to sort her head out, but NOT a GFE.

Also, if this is an example of Demi's Lower Ford St gang, I'll be steering clear of them in future.

Would I visit again?  What do you think.

5 review(s) found for LovelyBrigita linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

she tried to scam you with the owo thing,that kind of underhand tactic is not something "a really nice girl" would do!

Shame... Was looking at her but good report. Hate when girls play like thst so will probably not take the chance  :hi:

she tried to scam you with the owo thing,that kind of underhand tactic is not something "a really nice girl" would do!

You make a valid point.  Self delusion is too easy.  In all honesty, she played me well.

Shame... Was looking at her but good report. Hate when girls play like thst so will probably not take the chance  :hi:

Nope, I certainly wouldn't bother knowing what I know now.  Would somebody please hurry up and invent time travel.

Offline velocity

Oh No, shameful, guess what, I planned to see her two days ago, but unfortunately my work schedule let me down, I was assigned to Leeds to do some stuff, I was really and really planned to see her this Wednesday, thank you very much for you splendid and well explained feedback, you have really saved me everything, I took her off my list.

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